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Image. Courtesy University of Ballarat Historical Collection [Cat. No. 8128].



Originally the firm was established as Rowlands and Lewis, the business being established as far back as 1854. At the begining business was conducted in a canvas tent on the edge of Lake Wendouree.[1]

There is a reference to Rowlands Cordials in the Ballarat School of Mines Magazine Vol 3, No. 3, May 1900, pages 8 & 9. It refers to the quality of the water used, the speed of processing, the machines used and the cleaning of the bottles. It states for the saccharine drinks, Gong Gong Reservoir water is used.

The business eventually became Rowlands Soft Drink Factory.


Rowlands and Lewis were lemonade manufacturers operating from premises on Sturt Street, Ballarat in 1858.[2]


The business was situated in Dana Street and Doveton Street in c1894.[3]


The water used at this time, is from a spring at the foot of Mount Warrenheip.

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Evan Rowlands

Alban Atwood, general manager (<1887>)


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Rowlands Soft Drink Factory

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