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Samuel Ernest Figgis was one of the first to experiment with x-rays at Ballarat, being a pioneer in this field.



Samuel Figgis was born in 1814 and arrived in Australia in 1853.

Early career

He was educated at Grenville College, followed by the Ballarat School of Mines.[1] Figgis represented Australia in the World's Gas Conference in 1912 and visited England in 1913 to search for ideas for modernizing the Ballarat Gas Works. Figgis became the managing engineer of the Ballarat Gas Company and its general manager from 1913 to 1915. He was engineer to the Ballarat Gas Company, and from 1915 to 1922 he had been managing director of the Colonial Gas Association.

S. Figgis was Secretary of the Ballarat Gas Company in the 1870s. He was the father of W. H. Figgis – who was Secretary of the Ballarat Gas Company in the 1880s.[2]

S. E. Figgis was Engineer of the Ballarat Gas Co. some time between 1883 and 1887.[3]




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