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Samuel Philip Eddy served with the AIF in world War One.



Samuel Eddy was born in Ballarat. He became a tailor, then enlisted with the 59th Battlion, AIF, on 24 July 1916.[1] He was 18 years and 3 month old.

He was disciplined for gambling on the ship sailing to Europe, and was fined 7 days pay.[1] In 1917 he was again fined for failing to appear on parade.[1] He suffered a number of medical problems, including myalgia, influenza and pneumonia.[1] He was described as being dangerously ill with pneumonia and was admitted to the Bath Military Hospital in 1918.[1] On his return to Australia he was treated on board ship for "malaise".[1]


World War One service recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

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