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Researchers should be wary of historic street locations as the streets of Ballarat and surrounds have been renumbered over the years.



Skipton Street was recorded as ‘Skipton’s Street’ in an 1887 directory.[1]

Businesses and people in Skipton Street

Address known

14 Skipton Street - H.E. Johnson, Baker (<1927>)

68 Skipton Street – John Cowley, draper (<1887>)

92-94 Skipton Street - Henderson & Son, coach builders (<1887>)

100 Skipton Street – Stevens & Taylor, dressmakers and milliners (<1887>)

116 Skipton Street – I Do Invitations, wedding stationery (<2011>)

128 Skipton Street, D. Robertson, cabinet maker and upholsterer (<1887>)

216 Skipton Street – Steve Morvell Wildlife Art Studio & Gallery (<2011>)

224 Skipton Street – S. Lugg, carpenter and joiner (<1887>)

234 Skipton Street – S. Lukeis, boot and shoemaker (<1887>)

311 Skipton Street – Skipton Street Sheetmetal Works Pty Ltd (<2011>)

Address unknown

E. Apps, gunsmith (<1887-1889>)

Band of Hope Gold Mine, shaft

Bradley and Cockburn Pty Ltd

Michael Caddy, carpenter and joiner (<1887>)

M. J. Cody, boot and shoemaker (<1887>)

Joseph Coward, draper (<1887>)

Thomas Dingle, boot and shoemaker (<1887>)

John Haghan, draper (<1887>)

Joseph Harris, boot and shoemaker (<1887>)

Francis Jago, bootmaker, (<1866>)

John Lavis

S. Lee, tinsmith (<1887>)

Thomas Lyons, oil and colour man (<1887>)

D. McKercher, jeweller (<1866>)

Edward McRoberts, draper (<1887>)

Smith’s Freehold Co., gold mining company (<1887>)

R. Williams, wheelwright (<1887>)

(cnr Drummond Street) - Ballarat Meat Stores

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  1. Rogers, J. W. F. (ed.). (c. 1887). The Australasian Federal Directory of Commerce, Trades & Professions. Melbourne: J. W. F. Rogers.

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