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Solomon and Company were operating in Ballarat in 1859.



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A FEAT IN PHOTOGRAPHY.-Mr Bardwell, of the firm of Solomon & Co., has forwarded to our office a photograph of a page of yesterday's (Friday's) Star, taken at their rooms on the Main Road, which is really quite a remarkable feat in photography. The size of the page is reduced from the ordinary published sheet of demy to dimensions not exceeding 2 inches broad by 3 inches long, and yet so clearly and distinctly is the picture taken, that a man with an ordinarily sharp eye can read the smallest description of type used. The captious reader may say there is little use in taking such a picture, but though no object is directly gained by photographing a news- paper, the feet of its being so well done illustrates most admirably the skill of the artist, and the perfection to which instruments are brought. We have frequently had to publicly notice the efforts of our Ballarat photographers to be even with their contemporaries in Europe, and willingly record the present circumstance as an instance of the success of this praiseworthy emulation. The photograph can be seen at our office, or copies of it at the artist's rooms.[1]


  1. The Star, 15 January 1859.

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