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Solomon Marks. Australian Jewish Herald, 17 March 1922.






Widespread soriow was occasioned throughout the Jewish community of Ballarat 'by the death, after a dong and severe illness, of Mr. Solomon Marks. The deceased gentleman had during his energetic life formed a large circle of friends and adi mirers. He was well known as a man of a generous and sympathic nature, and was an active.figure in various public societies. He was a member of the Ballarat Hebrew Congregation for over 40 years, during which time he occupied the position of president for over 30 years. His best endeavours were always put forward in the interests of the congregation. The late Mr. Marks was also president of the Ballarat Philanthropic Society lor many years, and was for some years president of the Ballarat Benevolent Asylum. He had the rare distinction of obtaining-ver> high honours in the Masonic fraternity, and was always an active figure in Masonic ceremonies. He was for 40 years a member of the St. John’s Masonic Lodge, and was the youngest member of the lodge to hold the office of Master. He was chosen by the Grand Lodge of Melbourne for the high office of Past Deputy Grand Master; and as a mark of their appreciation at this compliment paid to their member, the Ballarat St. John’s Bodge presented him with the regalia for this office. He was treasurer of the lodge for 3S years, occupying that position up to the time of his death.
The esteem in which the late Mr. Marks was held was shown hy the large gathering of co-religionists and members of other de nominations at the graveside. The Mayor of the city, councillors and officers and re presentatives of all public societies, and the members of the St. John's Masonic Lodge sonic fraternity were present in regalia, and full Masonic honours were rendered.
The Rev. M. Rosenthal officiated at the house and at the cemetery, and in the course of his remarks referred to the sterling qualities of the late Solomon Marks, and the efforts he had always put forward in the needs oi the Ballarat Jewish community in particular. Reference was made to the respecit he had gained, which was held by all who had the privilege of coming in contact with him.
The late Mr. Marks leaves a widow, a son and daughter. Mrs. Marks is well known in Ballarat as an energetic worker both within and outside the Jewish community.
Numerous letters of condolence were re ceived', amongst which were messages from the Mayor of Ballarat, the secretary Masonic Bodge, Melbourne, the Salvation Army, the Old Colonists’ Association, the Red Cross Society and others.[1]

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  1. Australiam Jewish Herald, 17 March 1922.

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