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The Speculation Hotel was a hotel in Allendale, <1886-1922.



The hotel was closed by the License Reduction Board in 1922.[1]


The hotel was in Allendale, [1] on the corner of Main Street and Elizabeth Street.

Attached to the hotel was the Dramatic Hall. This building, erected in 1881 was dismantled in 1918:

CYCLONE AT ALLENDALE. SOME DAMAGE CAUSED. Allendale. Saturday. What might be termed a cyclone passed over this town on Saturday, and, whilst it lasted, was very severe. The contractor. Mr. J. M Burke, and his assistant, Mr. P. J. Fryer, for pulling down the Dramatic Hall, formerly owned by Mr. H. Collins, but which has been disposed of to the Progress Association West Footscray, were busy at work, but fortunately saw the hurricane approaching, and had just ample time to get down off the ladder before the gale struck the building. Fortunately the roof had been dismantled, but the sides and other parts suffered severely. The Speculation Hotel, to which it is adjoined, stood the strain, but the rooms adjoining suffered damage. Fortunately no person was hurt. A considerable amount of damage was done to the timber, which is of the best avail able. The building was first erected by the late Mr. T. J. Dibdin J.P., in the early part of 1881.[2]


A fire nearly destroyed the hotel in 1921:

SMEATON. — Prompt action averted a fire at Collins's Speculation Hotel, Allendale. A spark from a stove caught the shingles and ceiling. The licensee climbed through the manhole and extin-guished the fire. He was badly burnt about the hands. The damage is estimated at £25.[3]

FIRE AT HOTEL. On Saturday afternoon, while the football was in progress between Newlyn and Allendale, a fire broke out in the roof of the billiard room in the Speculation hotel. Fireman Collins, who is owner and licensee, and his wife were the only persons in the building when the fire was detected by a piece of cinder falling from the roof through in the ceiling that carries the stove pipe. When Mr Collins saw the live cinder drop he said to his wife, “The roof is on fire,” and immediately rushed to the fire station, which is about 50 yards distant, and secured a ladder that would reach a man-hole in the roof. On opening it he found the roof, which is of shingles, covered with iron, ablaze for about three feet around the stove pipe. He tried to check the fire by pulling down the burning shingles, until Mrs Collins arrived with a bucket of water, just in time to save the burning debris from going through the ceiling. A few more buckets of water, and what might have been a disastrous fire was averted, through the timely action of Fireman Collins. The fire was caused by a fault in the.pipe above the ceiling. The damage is estimated at £20. The building and contents were insured in the North British and Mercantile Company for £900.[4]

Community Involvement

On 20 March 1914, the hotel was the venue for a presentation to Senior Constable Gardiner, who had been the policeman at Allendale for 26 years. The presentation was made by Sir Alexander Peacock, M.L.A.[5]

In October 1914, the hotel was the venue for a farewell for Mr. F. L. Appleby, the secretary of the Allendale and Broomfield Football Club. Appleby worked for the railways and was being transferred to Gordon.[6]

On 27 April 1915, the hotel was the venue for a meeting of the Allendale Rovers' Football Club. At the meeting the club joined up with Smeaton to form a stronger side in the competition.[7]

In April 1916, the publican was charged with having used the building as a concert hall:

At the Allendale Police Court on Wednesday, before Mr D. Berriman, P.M , Inspector Sampson proceeded against H. Collins, proprietor of the Speculation Hotel, for having used portion of his premises as a concert hall without the necessary permission. The inspector said that his attention was called to the matter, as the practice was apt to lead to illicit traffic, and, moreover, certain alterations should be effected, so as to ensure better supervision. The defendant, on promising to have the necessary alterations made to comply with the law, was discharged.[8]
Inspector Sampson, of Ballarat proceeded against Henry Collins of Allendale, that he did on the 19th February, 1916, allow part of his premises, to wit, the Dramatic Hall to be used for a concert by the Blind Entertainers without obtaining a permit from the court to hold such entertainment. The inspector said it was the only local public Hall, and since the new Act of closing hotels at 9.30 was instituted it was essential that a permit should be obtained. Providing that Mr Collins would give an undertaking that he would not use the hall in future without permission from the court he would withdraw the charge. He had a special reason for doing this. Mr Collins, who was called, agreed to consent to the proposal.[9]

The People

  • In December 1886 the publican was W. Smyth.[10]
  • T.J. Dibben, owner and publican in the late 1880s.[11]
  • In December 1897, the publican was Mary Burley/Durley.[12]
  • From at least April 1916 to June 1921, the publican and owner was Henry Collins.[8][4]


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