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Sunnyside from Hill Street. [Photograph: L.J. Gervasoni].

The Sunnyside Woollen Mills were known as the Ballarat Woollen Co. Ltd in 1887.[1]

Located in Humffray Street (south), the Sunnyside Woollen Mill was designed by Architect Henry R. Caselli and the foundation stone was laid on 29 July 1872.



The Ballarat Woollen Mill was first formed in October 1871, although initial meetings started on 14 July 1870. Charles Seal was the first chairman, and Albert William was the first manager. Flannels and blankets were manufactured at the mill, until a contract was awarded in the early 1880s to make material for military uniforms used in Victoria.


Ballarat businessmen responded to the unemployment problem with a number of projects, and [Robert Malachi] Serjeant was prominent in supporting them.
One interesting project was the Woollen Mill, constructed in 1872 on land near Serjeant’s house at Sunny Corner. He worked with James Main and Andrew Anderson to raise funds for this benevolent project. By 1880, it employed 105 people making flannel shirts and blankets.[2]

By the end of 1886 Sunny Corner (Sunnyside Woollen Mills) employed 130 people.[3]


Ballarat Woollen Mills, c 1914. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection [Cat. No. 1284].

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Community Involvement

Works Produced

Workplace Relations

The People

Jonas Ackroyd

Alexander Bell (c1851-1931) was Board Chairman of the Ballarat Co. (Sunnyside Woollen Mill) from 1871 to 1887.[4]

Edward Brownfield

W.P. Grubb, Assistant Engineer (<1915>)

Roy Lillingston

David Melvin, manager (<1887>)

J.C. Smith, board member (1871-1887)


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Reference: Spievogel Papers, Volume 3. Ballarat Historical Society, 1987.

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