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T.W. Purdue, Federation University Historical Collection



T. W. Purdue was the proprietor of the saddle and harness business of the same name. As of 1894 the business was situated at 7 Lydiard Street South.

Purdue was born near the River Shannon, Ireland in 1825. He was apprenticed to harness marking for several years. At the age of 21 he left Ireland for the United States where he commenced his business for 14 years. In 1860 he left California for Sydney, subsequently moving to Ballarat in 1862. He established his saddle and harness business there in 1863.

Purdue was an active member of the community and was a life governor of the Old Colonists' Association, as well as a prominent Freemason of the Royal Arch Chapter.


Lydiard Street South, Ballarat[1]


T.W. Purdue was married to Amelia Purdue.


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