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T. Stanton Bowman worked in Ballarat from <1895-1905>. In 1896 he was teaching oil painting at the Ballarat East Art School.


Many portraits of Ballarat Mayors are by Stanton Bowman, and are often on display in the Ballarat Town Hall.

Stanton Bowman painted portraits of John Murray, R. U. Nicholls and Samuel Irwin which are held by the Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat Inc.[1]


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A COLLECTION OIL PAINTINGS.-There is at present on view in the arcade a small but choice collection of oil paintings from the brush of Mr. T. Stanton Bowman, an artist of considerable ability, who recently came out to the colony from England. The collection includes landscape, marine and figure paintings, and each has been executed in a very artistic manner. Some little paintings of the back beach at Sorrento faithfully depict well-known spots in that locality while several other bits of colonial scenery are equally good. The collection is well worthy of inspection by lovers of art. Several of our local connoisseurs yesterday paid a visit to Mr. Bowman, and they expressed their appreciation of that gentleman's work. [2]

At the meeting of the Lydiard street Wesleyan M.I.A. on Thursday evening, Mr T. Stanton Bowman lectured on "Art and Artists," before an attentive and thoroughly appreciative audience. Mr Bowman lectured on 'Art and Artists' before an attentive and thoroughly appreciative audience who was frequently applauded, said that the term art, strictly speaking, included many branches, as architecture, sculpture, printing, but it was his intention to speak principally of painting. It was freely admitted, he continued, that art was a great humanizing power. Art and civilisation were Inseparable, their united growth being everywhere visible. Art enabled and refined, without enfeebiing, and its influence was boundless. After speaking upon the influence of art in national growth the lecturer and that when we cultivated … [3]

A very striking addition to the adornment of St. Alipius' Church, Ballarat East; has just been made, by hanging over the altar a magnificent copy of Raphael's famous picture, "Christ-on the way to Calvary." It is the work of Mr T. Stanton Bowman, a 'Ballarat artist, who during his continental travels made a special study of this great master’s works. Stu dents of art are wall acquainted with this superb painting, which shows in a most graphic manner the mournful procession to Golgotha. In the van is seen a Roman soldier, bearing the (Roman standard, up on which the inscription "S.O.P.R." signifying the Latin' words for "the Senate and the Roman-people” while following him are other soldiers, leading Christ who, is assisted in bearing the burden of the cross by Simon, of Cyrene, while forming a prominent feature of the cavalcade are. several of the women, whose names are familiar to students of Bible history. Mr Bowman has succeeded in making a very striking, and effective copy of one of the finest paintings in the world, and the result is a certain to add considerably to the high reputation he has already gained. The picture, which was executed to the order of John Maher, of Golden Point, was placed in position in the church yesterday.[4]

Mr. T. Stanton Bowman has just completed to the order of Mr T. Loughlin, of Hope Farm, Warrenheip, says the Ballarat Star,' a life-size portrait in oils of his Holiness Pope Leo XIII., which is at present on view at St. Patrick's Hall. [5]


...During the evening Mayor Barker, who, with the mayoress, was a guest of the association, unveiled a very fine portrait in oils of the president, executed by Mr T. Stanton Bowman, and presented by Cr Murray to the association. As a picture and portrait the painting is excellent, the characteristic lines of the president's countenance and the pose of the sturdy figure being faithfully delineated. The mayor, in unveiling the portrait, remarked that Cr Murray was a man whom all delighted to honor. He was a worthy Old Colonist, and his fellow Colonists had done well in reflecting him as president. He was a man who had done great good in the City, and many an old colonist had to thank him for kindly help, unostentatiously given. He had built himself up into a prominent position in the City, and he well deserved the honors extended to him by his fellow citizens. The Old Colonists had done noble work in Ballarat, and that work the present generation were building on, and future ones would continue to build on. The association had done splendidly, for out of an income of £15,000, extending over 21 years, they had expended over £4OOO in relief to their poorer brethren. It was something to be proud of. Regarding the portrait, he had certainly to congratulate the artist upon it. It was a speaking likeness and he had great pleasure in handing it to the association. Mr W. Robertson, vice-president, received the portrait on behalf of the association, and in doing so remarked that the reception of this portrait fulfilled a long-expressed desire of the association. Mayor Elsworth proposed the health of Cr Murray in eulogistic terms, to marking that all present would join in wishing him long life and happiness. Cr Murray, who, on rising to respond, was received with cheers, remarked that he had been 55 years in the, colony, and was still knocking about. Nothing pleased him more than to be doing some thing for the old colonists. The association was a benefit one, and no poor old colonists went without so far as they were concerned. The association was doing all it could to help the old pioneers, the finest lot of men who ever came here. He hoped the country would be able to produce men like them, and not whipper snappers. He wanted to see men of stature grown in the colony. He believed in the social aspect of the association, for the social, friendly, honest man whate'er he be, . ’Tis he fulfils great nature’s plan, and none but he. And those words of Burns were true in every aspect. Still, there must not be too much sociality, and he must keep the young folks in check.. He hoped that the association would long be spared to do good. They wanted to see the young folks growing up around them, and looking forward to an honorable old age, provided for by care and discretion in their younger day. ... [6]

LA MASCOTTE.23 September 1904.</ref>
The Ballarat Liedertafel will next week stage Andran’s dainty play "La Mascotte." They have spared nothing that will tend to make the production a s complete as possible. The cast, is a very strong one, and the scenery, which is being painted by Mr T. ‘Stanton Bowman, should make a fitting frame for the opera. A strong orchestra has been assiduously rehearsing for some time past, while the chorus is exceptionally good. Box plan at Herbert’s.[7]


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