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David Taylor Kellock was born on 19 January 1913 at Dunfermline, Scotland. He studied in Edinburgh and worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, before arriving in Australia in the 1930s. In the United Kingdom he specialised in stained glass, textiles, fabric printing, dye mixing and pottery work, including glass mixing.[1] He was a leading Australian stained glass artist from the late 1940s until the 1970s.

Taylor Kellock taught at the Ballarat Technical Art School, a division of the Ballarat School of Mines.[2]

He died on 6 June 1988 in Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria.[3]


Australia's only stained glass window artist-craftsman has been asked to prepare a master plan for the windows in St. Andrew's Church of Eng-land, Lismore. He is Mr. D. Taylor Kellock, of Ballarat. Mr. Kellock discussed the plan with the Rector of Lismore, Rev. J. V. J. Robinson, during the weekend. When complete the plan will be submitted for approval.
This plan will dovetail with a scheme prepared by Mr. Louis Williams, prominent Victorian church architect, for the completion of the in-terior of St. Andrew's.
Mr. Kellock is the only artist in Australia who designs the windows, cuts the glass, paints and fires it.
He studied in England and Scotland. He is a fellow of the British Society of Mas-ter Glass Painters, London, an associate of the American Society of Stained Glass Artists, and holds a diploma of the School of Art College, Edinburgh.
Mr. Kellock has exhibited glass work in London, Edinburgh and Paris.
Mr. Kellock designed the windows for the new naval chapel at Flinders Naval Base, the war memorial windows for Scotch College, Melbourne, and the war memorial windows for the Melbourne Grammar School. Other examples of his work can be seen in Newcastle Cathedral, St. David's Cathedral, Hobart, and historic churches in Western Australia. He has also done work for churches in the Channel Islands, Scotland and South Africa.
The glass for the windows designed by Mr. Kellock is imported from England.[4]


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