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Use this template for articles about businesses. E.g. Phoenix Foundry, Sunicrust Bakery.


An article about a business should be created by copying the template below into the blank article and then filling in the sections.

Blank template with basic parameters

<!--     Any text between the arrows will only appear on the edit screen - not in page view.    -->
<!--     Type the introduction, without inserting any headings.    -->
<!--     Background includes information like: how the founders came together; what the founders did before; what demand in the local economy caused this business to come into existence, etc.    -->

<!--     History is specifically about the business.  You can place the generic history here and highlights into the sub-headings below.    -->

<!--     As a guideline you may consider: Where is it?  What are the features of the site?  Who designed the building?  Were there particular environmental impacts on the site?    -->

<!--     Were there any particular technological or workplace innovations?  e.g. They may be a small improvement to an existing piece of equipment or benefits that employees had never before received.    -->

==Community Involvement==
<!--     Did they make regular donations?  Form any local groups?  Arrange any special events for the community?    -->

==Works Produced==
<!--     This might be a generic description of the types of goods produced or a specific example.  e.g. The Phoenix Foundry made mining equipment/the Phoenix Foundry made a cast-iron puddling machine - erected in April 1864 - for the Fortuna Co.    -->

==Workplace Relations==
<!--     Strikes, unions, etc.    -->

==The People==
<!--     Individuals, groups.  May be a simple list.    -->

<!--     What physical or other reminders exist of this business?    -->

==See also ==
<!--      Create a list of internal links.     -->

<references group="Notes" />


==Further Reading==
<!--     A list (that looks like your reference list) of works not referenced in the page, but found during your search.    -->

==External Links==
<!--     Try to highlight local collections, historical societies, online collections, etc.    -->


<!--     Insert your signature     -->

--Beth Kicinski 13:55, 25 March 2012 (EST)

You can contribute information or images on this page. See https://bih.federation.edu.au/index.php/Ballarat_and_District_Industrial_Heritage_Project:About

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