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Use this template for pages about streets and roads.


An page about a street or road should be created by copying the template below into the blank page and then filling in the sections.

Blank template with basic parameters

<!--     Any text between the arrows will only appear on the edit screen - not in page view.    -->
Researchers should be wary of historic street locations as the streets of Ballarat and surrounds have been renumbered over the years. 
<!--     History is specifically about what has occurred on the street or road.  How did it get its name?  What major events occurred on it?  Can you recognise distinct periods where the character of the street changes?    -->

==Businesses and people in [insert street or road name as at top of the page]==
<!--     Put both types of entries into the same list.    -->

===Address known===
<!--     Arrange by street number, in ascending order.    -->

===Address unknown===
<!--     This does not mean that no-one knows, only that we haven't yet identified the street or lot number on the wiki.  Arrange alphabetically (by surname for the people entries).    -->

==See also ==
<!--      Create a list of internal links.     -->


==External links==
<!--     Try to highlight local collections, historical societies, online collections, etc.    -->

--Beth Kicinski 09:24, 19 July 2014 (EST)

You can contribute information or images on this page. See https://bih.federation.edu.au/index.php/Ballarat_and_District_Industrial_Heritage_Project:About

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