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"The Star was a Ballarat paper, pure and simple. There were no cables. There were no women's columns. There was very little sporting news. But there were full discussions of the municipal council meetings, all the evidence of the in the cased tried at the local police courts, ... and news from the hundreds of mining companies."[1]


The Star newspaper was established 1855 by a group of 25 men that included John Campbell and David Dickenson Wheeler - with the first edition published on Saturday 22 September 1855. Page 4 (the final page) states: 'Printed by THOMAS COMB, for the Proprietors JOHN CAMPBELL AND CO., and published at the "STAR" General Printing Office, Main Road, Gravel Pits, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning'.[2]

Within a few short months the original partnership folded and the newspaper went into the private ownership of John Irwin, Samuel Irwin, Thomas Drummond Wanliss, and Richard Belford.

In 1856 The Star was being printed at premises on Main Road, Ballarat. The Star was published by Martin & Grose from their premises at 20 Sturt Street, Ballarat in 1887.[3] In September John Irwin left the partnership - leaving the business in the hands of Samuel Irwin, Thomas Drummond Wanliss, and Richard Belford.

“The Star”
‘PRINTING in all its branches executed with care and fidelity, and in the neatest manner, on the most economical terms.
Executed in superior style.
This Establishment possesses a great variety of LARGE TYPE, suitable for
OF the largest dimensions, which can be furnished immediately on order.
Printing in Gold and Colored Inks.'

In 1857 their offices were situated in Main Road, Ballarat East.[5] In September the partnership of Samuel Irwin, Thomas Drummond Wanliss, and Richard Belford was dissolved - leaving the business in the hands of Thomas Drummond Wanliss and Richard Belford.

In September 1858 the partnership of Thomas Drummond Wanliss and Richard Belford fell apart in a legal wrangle that played out publicly in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Thomas Drummond Wanliss became sole proprietor of the newspaper and not long after Richard Belford left Ballarat for Queensland.



Community Involvement

Works Produced

The Ballarat Star were also the proprietors of The Miner (established 1855, closed 1899) and the Miner and Weekly Star.

Workplace Relations

The People

Richard Belford

John Campbell

Thomas Comb

Jabez Job Ham

John Irwin

Samuel Irwin

H. R. Nicholls

Thomas Drummond Wanliss

David Dickenson Wheeler

John Noble Wilson

William Bramwell Withers


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