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Deep regret was expressed through out this district when it became known that Gunner Thomas Rawlinson had succumbed to the terrible epidemic (meningitis) which has ac counted for so many of our brave men who had given their services to their country. Gunner Rawliinson was the eldest son of Mr. Thomas Rawlinson, of Coimadai, where he was born about 26 years ago. He was an intelligent lad at school, and developed into a fine specimen of manhood, and about three years ago he was successful in joining the Police Force, and, has been stationed in various places in the Camper down district. About three weeks ago he decided to enlist, and was joined to the 10th Battery, 4th Artillery Brigade, and was to have sailed for the front on Thursday last week. On Friday 12th inst., it was discovered that he was suffering from meningitis, and he was re moved to the Alfred Hospital, and his father informed of his serious condition. His death took place on Wednesday morning, and the body was brought to Bacchus Marsh for burial on Thursday.[1]

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  1. Melton Express, 20 November 1915.

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