Thomas Tuke Holloway (1856-1931)

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Also recorded as Thomas Tuke Hollway.



Thomas Tuke Hollway was born on 02 October 1906 at Ballarat. He took on the trade of blacksmith and worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

He was a former Mayor of Ballarat, 1910-1911 and 1918-1919.

Thomas Hollway was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly at the 1932 Victorian state election, representing the seat of Ballarat. At the time of his election, aged 25, he was the youngest member of any Australian parliament. He became Premier at 41 years of age, and was among the youngest Premiers Victoria has had.[1]


The identification plaques on Ballarat North Ballarat Avenue of Honour (Creswick Road and Beaufort Cresent) were donated by Mayor T.T. Hollway in 1918.[2]


Sir Thomas Tuke Hollway. 75 years. principal, of the hardware firm of T.T. Hollway and Co., Armstrong-street, died at Ballarat on saturday. In former years he was a prominent figure in the civic and social life of the city, having been a city councillor, twice-mayor, and an active officer in the Old Colonists' Association, Orphanage committee, Exhibition Commis sion, Ballarat Regatta Association and various sporting bodies.

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