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May 5 TREE PLANTING - BALLARAT ACTIVITY - During his visit to Ballarat a fortnight ago, Mr T. Livingston, Minister for Mines and Forests, received a deputation which submitted an interesting scheme of tree planting for the district. Mr Livingston promised sympathetic consideration. The proposals drawn up by the "Forward Ballarat" Committee, and submitted to Mr Livingston, are intended to supplement the repatriation scheme for the district, and are as follow[s]… 4. That a number of. trees be granted the Black Hill Progress Association, from the State Nursery, to make a choice landscape park round the Black Hill lookout.[1]

June 23 Arbor Day in the City.— The Arbor Day celebrations yesterday were on a very extensive scale. Trees were planted by the male scholars of the various State Schools in both City and Town… The next visit was made to the Black Hill reserve, and there it had been arranged that the school children from Humffray street State school, to the number of 148, under the head master, Mr J. Blight; Black Hill school, under Mr R. Bieske and numbering 25 boys and girls; and portion of Queen street school, to the number of 40, under the head master, Mr M. A. Horan, had assembled at 2.30 o'clock. The Black Hill Progress Association had also taken a real interest in the matter, by helping with the tree planting scheme. The members present were Messrs A. Hatrick, R. Brebner, T. Penhall, and J. Strickland. During the afternoon, 600 Pinus insignis were planted by the school children, and the names of the boys and girls who planted trees were carefully taken, and the numbers compiled. Their records will be kept in the three State schools. The ladies of the Progress Association kindly provided sweets for the children, and the Mayor of the Town of Ballarat East (Cr A. Levy, J.P.) supplied fruit to all the boys and girls in the Ballarat district who had taken part in these celebrations. Mr J. R. Paterson (town clerk) represented the Mayor at the celebrations, as Mayor Levy was unavoidably absent being away in Melbourne on council business. At each school, hearty cheers were given for Mayor Levy for his gifts to their children.[2]

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