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The Turf Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1858-1866>.



In February 1866 the hotel was described as having become a "beershop" with a restricted license which meant it could only trade between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.[1]



The Turf Hotel was in Creswick Road.[2] An 1861 map shows the hotel on the west side of Creswick Road, about halfway between Howitt Street and Norman Street, this is now the car park of the North Ballarat Sports Club.[3]

Location: LOT 9 Creswick Rd Wendouree VIC 3355 -37.537967, 143.848677 Map: Google Maps


In August 1865, the hotel was advertising rabbit coursing.[4]

Community Involvement

There were Xmas sports offered at the hotel in December 1858:

THE TURF HOTEL.-A rather better programme than usual is put forward by the enterprising proprietor of this popular hotel, which is situated at just such a distance from the town as to give a pleasantly rural character to the scene. A prize of ten sovs. is offered to the winner in a race for all untrained horses not to carry more than eight stone. A pony race succeeds, with a £5 prize, and a hack race for sweepstakes folows. These are not the only sports, however, for prizes are also offered in foot-races, standing high leaps, wheelbarrow race, &c. Racing commencing at noon.[5]

There was a robbery at the hotel in June 1861:

ROBBERY AT THE TURF HOTEL.-Henry Jackson, alias James Pembleton, and Joseph Rigby, prisoners of the crown, were brought up charged with stealing certain property at the Turf Hotel, on the Creswick Road. In the absence of the witnesses for the prosecution the prisoners were remanded.[6]

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