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Ballarat resident interested in local history, especially of Black Hill.


Black Hill

Black Hill

Black Hill Chronology

Black Hill - the White Cliffs of Ballarat

Black Hill Progress Association

Tree Planting at Black Hill

People (other than Dr Otway)

James Lancelot Stormont

William Frederick Osborne

Stevens' patent rotating stamper head – court challenge

George Milner Stephen

James Vivian Penrose

Richard Birkett Gibbs

Charles Nevins

David Lewis

George Goldsack

Elijah Aspinall

Robert McIndoe

John Perrie

Dr Otway

William Beauclerc Otway

Dr Otway's journey across the Rocky Mountains

Evidence given by William Beauclerc Otway at the Gold Fields Commission of Enquiry

Dr Otway's trip to Tasmania

Dinner for James M. Tarleton, U.S. Consul

Dr Otway's time at St Arnaud

Rebecca Otway

Matthew Widdop

Matthew Widdop's diary and notebook

Southern Tasmanian Quartz Crushing and Mining Company

The search for payable gold in northeast Tasmania


Black Hill Co-operative Quartz Mining Co.

Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company

Black Hill Company

Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Company

Ballarat Quartz-Crushing, Amalgamating, and Subliming Company

Chisholm and party


Quartz Crushing

Early steam engines at Ballarat

Quartz Mining

Quartz Roasting

Stevens' patent rotating stamper head – court challenge

Chronological table of Victorian mining laws

St Arnaud

Charles Henry Raven

George Chapman

James Vivian Penrose

George Youngsen



Steiglitz Quartz Crushing Company

Black Hill Flat


Black Hill Flat


Waterloo Steam Sluicing Company

Black Hill Flat Gold Mining Company

Black Hill Flat Company


Citizens' Reclamation Committee

Kenneth Crago Webb

Webb Avenue


Ballarat Quartz Smelting Company

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