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I was born 13th July, 1995, at the Ballarat Hospital, eleven minutes before my brother Kyle. At a young age I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I became interested in reading in grade 5 while attending Canadian Lead Primary by a teacher at the time. He pretty much forced me to read and therefore I developed a passion for reading. I also at the time developed a fascination with stories and how they're told and began to write short stories, one page. When I began attending Mount Clear College, my selection of books that I would read have increased. I not only read fictional stories, but occasionally read non-fiction as well. My writing has developed a considerable amount from one page to five, for a short story. I also started working on a novel in year 8, which I am now rewriting. Now I find it hard to write short stories less than 5,000 words. My interest in the past has increased the past few years and I began to appreciate in how many ways a true story can be told. When it comes to writing about truth, it's all about engaging a reader and having them learn something. Which is something I aim to do.

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