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In 1910 the Victorian School of Forestry commences teaching at Creswick, the first school of forestry in Australia.[1] Later, in 1943, Melbourne University established a forestry School and the two institutions worked well together, eventually amalgamating in 1980. [2]

... The main object of this visit is to ascertain what has already been done, and what additional preparations are necessary to equip the proposed school of forestry. The Amending Forest Bill, passed in 1907, makes provision for training pupils in forestry. It is intended to provide a three years' course of scientific and practical instruction for young men in order to fit them for work as foresters. If the scheme is properly shaped, and rightly managed, Creswick may become the centre of Australian interest, as far as a school of forestry is concerned, just as Ballarat is with its School of Mines. There is yet no properly equipped school of forestry in Australia, and there is certainly need of one. The forests are being rapidly destroyed, while little is being done in reafforesting denuded acres. ... [3]

"From the start of 1980 the University of Melbourne took over all Forestry education in Victoria and commenced using the Creswick School of Forestry for first and second year Melbourne University degree students. In addition to providing some teaching for the last batch of third year Forestry Diploma students to go through the School, Ballarat College of Advanced Education (BCAE) undertook teaching for Melbourne University at first and second year levels. BCAE taught the Engineering and Biology areas. [4]


Creswick, Victoria


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Thomas Hart

John Johnstone

H. Mackay, Conservator of Forests with the State Forests Department


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Youl, Rob et al, Circumspice: One Hundred Years of Forestry Centred on Creswick Victoria

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