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Vine Hotel,, Courtesy Max Harris Photography Collection, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

The Vine Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1877-1913>.




  • The body of Mr. Patrick Sheeran, lately owner and licensee of the Vine Hotel, was found in lake Wendouree early this morning. Mr. Sheeran retired in his usual health on Sunday night, but this morning it was found that he had left his bedroom very early. He suffered greatly from rheumatism, and it is believed that through weariness of suffering he drowned himself. The deceased was 50 years of age, and leaves a widow and family of eight, his children being nearly all grown up.[1]
  • Dulcie Lee, two and a half years of age, the daughter of the licensee of the Vine Hotel, Wendouree, was playing with her brother, five years of age, at the side of Lake Wendouree to-day, when she fell In and drowned.[2]
  • At the City Court to-day Jessie Lee, licensee of tho Vine Hotel was charged with having applied a false trade description to whiskey. Matthew Leckle, inspector, said that he obtained the whiskey at the hotel on January 16. It was labelled as "Mitchell's Old Irish Whiskey, Peacock Brand." Hilary Dowling, analyst, stated that the whiskey was not Mitchell's, A fine of £1/10/, with £3/4/6 costs, was Imposed.[3]


The Vine Hotel was on the north east corner of Creswick Road and Macarthur Street. Other hotels on the site include:

The hotel was destroyed by fire on 25 May 1883:

Thursday: The Vine Hotel, near the old cemetery, and kept by D. Sherren, was totally destroyed by fire at 5 o'clock this morning On retiring last night everything appeared safe, but at the hour named the in- mates were aroused by the crackling of flames. Only a small portion of the furniture was saved. Insurances were effected in the Victoria Company for £150, and in the Imperial Company for £300[4]

It must have been rebuilt as another fire was reported in January 1884:

At an early hour this morning, another fire broke out at Shuran' s Vine Hotel, Creswick Road, but it was subdued after partially destroying the room in which it originated.[5]


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