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Reference for William Robertson from Federal Distilleries Pty Ltd, 1927. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat.No.4791.18)




Warrenheip Brewery was established in 1887 by William Kenna. He had worked at the Phoenix Brewery at Warrenheip for twenty years. Using a large fresh water spring his beer soon obtained acceptance among the local community. [1]

In 1891 the Breheny brothers joined the firm, trading as Breheny Bros & Kenna. In 1912 two years after Kenna's death, his widow sold her interest in the brewery to the Brehenys. Brewing ceased in 1914, and the company diversified into grain-distilling along with whisky and gin distilling. [2]

Federal Distillers took over in 1922, and in 1932 they merged with the Distillers Company of Edinburgh under the name United Distillers Limited. [3]




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DISTILLERY AMALGAMATION.- A meeting of the Australian Distillery Co is announced for January 10 to consider the amalgamation proposals lately mentioned. After negotiations between the representatives of the Federal Distillery Co , Brinds Pty Ltd, Brehney Bros, and Kennas Pty Ltd and the Australian Distillery Co approval has been given to an agreement by which each of these companies is to transfer its assets as and from May 1 last (subject to the retention by the Australian Distillery Co Ltd. of £7327, due to its sundry debtors) to a new company, to be known as the Federal Distilleries Pty Ltd and as consideration for the transfer of such assets each of these companies is to receive certain ordinary shares of £1 each in the capital of the new company Of the bank overdraft amounting to £36,645 the Australian Distillery Company Limited is to trans- fer to the new company £31,645 and retain all other liabilities, amounting approximately to £20,085 including the remaining £5000 due to this companies bankers. Of the new companies issued capital of 505 000 shares of £1 each the Australian Distillery Co is to receive 162,325 shares of £1 each. [4]

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