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Operators involved in Water Supply will have one or a combination of the following activities as the primary activity of their operations: dam operation (water supply); desalination plant operation; mineral water supply from the ground; water distribution by pipeline; water filtration plant operation; water reservoir operation; water supply for irrigation; water supply pumping station operation; and/or water supply system operation.

Ballarat homes were connected to a new wastewater system for the first time in 1925.[1]

Central Highlands Water was formed to service the water needs of the region.[2]



The reservoirs at Harry Beale’s and Kirk’s dams are now full, and both basins, the former particularly, present a wide expanse of water. As we have mentioned elsewhere, there is now, and has for some time been, a stream of waste water from the reservoirs discharging into the Lake Wendouree by the pipes at the filter basins there. At the by-wash opposite Duncan’s nursery a three-inch pipe has been laid under the parade to the nursery gardens, the rose head being enclosed in a square box in the lake. This box is about three feet high, and out of water, and the lake may be raised to that level now without overflowing the bywash. At that level the whole of the weeds in the lake at present would be submerged.[3]


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