William Alexander Gordon Douglas (1880-1948)

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William Alexander Gordon Douglas was born 18 February 1880 in Humula (New South Wales, Australia) to Richard Stanford Douglas (1846-1931) and Mary Alexander nee' Loane (1831-1917).

William Alexander Gordon Douglas worked at the Phoenix Foundry in 1885, position unknown.

William Alexander Gordon Douglas died 18 November 1948 in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia).



Richard Stanford Douglas (1846-1931) married Mary Alexander Loane (1831-1917)

--+ Mary Selina Douglas (1871-1956)

--+ Kate Ellen Douglas (1873-1968)

--+ Richard Roddam Douglas (1875-c1940) married Adela Mary Loane

--.--+ Ivan Loane Douglas

--+ Isabella Maria Douglas (1877-1962)

--+ William Alexander Gordon Douglas (1880-1948) married Florence Isabel Douglas (1882-1964)

--.--+ Mary Isabel M. Douglas (1906-?)

--.--+ Alexander Gordon Douglas (1908-1944) married Winifred Alice Hallamore (1909-?)

--.--.--+ Bruce Gordon Douglas

--.--.--+ Elizabeth Anne Douglas

--.--+ Daisy Eileen B. Douglas (1912-?) married Alexander William Sheppard

--.--.--+ Joan Alicia Sheppard

--.--.--+ Helen Faith Sheppard

--+ Marcus Stuart Langslow Douglas (1882-1893)

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