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William R. Bones was a member of the Ballarat Stock Exchange.

William Bones was a member of the Ballarat Old Colonists' Association.



ESTATE LEFT TO CITY. To Accumulate for 21 Years.
BALLARAT, Friday. — Following in the steps of other public-spirited men of Ballarat, the late Mr. William R. Bones, a leading real estate agent of former years, has bequeathed the whole of his estate consisting of central shop properties at present valued at £12,000 to the City of Ballarat. The testator in his will, which is in the hands of the Ballarat Trustees, Executors, and Agency Co. as sole executor, directs that his estate shall be carried on as at present, and be subject to two amnities one of £2.10/ and the other of £1 per week. Subject to the payment of these the income of the whole estate is to accumulate until the death of the last annuitant or alternatively for a period of not more .than twenty-one years. At the end of this period, that is in 1951, the whole accumulated amount, together with interest, is devised to the City council of Ballarat lo be expended for the benefit of the city as the then council and the Ballarat Trustees Co. shall agree upon.[1]


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  1. The Age, 19 April 1930.

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