William Collard Smith (1830-1894)

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William Collard Smith, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 275)



William Collard Smith was born 19 July 1830 in Bollington (Cheshire, England) to William Smith and Margaret nee Wright. He arrived in the colony in 1852. [1]

William Collard Smith was a shareholder and director of the Phoenix Foundry. He served as a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly and Minister of Education from 1880 to 1881.[2]

William Collard Smith was Chairman of the Ballarat West Municipality in 1860, Mayor of the City of Ballarat in 1874, and Chairman of the Queen’s Jubilee Co. in 1887.[3]

William Collard Smith died 20 October 1894 at Brunswick (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery (Area Church of England E, Section 3, Grave 3).


Former Mayor of Ballarat. (See http://bih.ballarat.edu.au/index.php/Ballarat)


The will, dated December 8, 1891 of William Collard Smith, late of Ballarat, member of the Legislative Assembly, who died at Brunswick on the 20th October last, has been lodged for probate. The estate in Victoria is valued at £700, of which £100 is realty and £600 personalty. The testator, who made his will when he was in a much better financial position than at the time of his death, leaves his furniture, plate, linen, etc., and £500 to Elizabeth Ellen Turnbull ; £150 to Jabez Richards, of Ballarat, market inspector ; £50 to Thomas Ferguson, of the Education department; £100 to Ernest William Courtney, of Melbourne ; £100 to his niece, Frances Smith, £50 to John Thomas Smith, son of his second brother, Thomas Smith ; and £50 to William Drabbe, son of his eldest sister, Hannah Drabbe. He authorises his trustees to expend £50 in the erection of a monument over his grave, and to pay £1,000 to his adopted daughter, Mabel Rita Turnbull, after she shall attain the age of 21 years. The income of the residue is to be equally divided between Elizabeth Ellen Turnbull and Mabel Rita Turnbull for life, and then the principal moneys are to be expended in the purchase of statuary for the Botanic-gardens at Ballarat, or pictures for the Ballarat Fine Arts' Gallery.[4]

Mr. William Collard Smith, one of the repre-sentatives for Ballarat in the Legislative Assembly, died early yesterday morning, aged 64. He arrived in the colony in 1852. After trying his luck on the goldfields he settled down as a land agent and auctioneer. He entered Parliament in 1861, and held the portfolio of Minister for Mines in the Berry Government of 1877-80.</ref>


William Smith married Margaret Wright

--+ SON Smith

--+ Thomas Smith

--.--+ John Thomas Smith

--+ Hannah Smith married William Drabble (c1820-?)

--.--+ James Drabble (1843-?)

--.--+ Joseph Drabble (1848-?)

--.--+ Edward Drabble (1852-?) married Alice Finney

--.--+ William Drabble (1854-?) married Sarah Ann Leigh

--.--+ Ann Drabble (1859-?)

--+ William Collard Smith (1830-1894) married Ellen Teresa Newman (c1840-1881)

--.--+ William Newman Smith (1866-1875)

--+ Matilda Smith

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