William Cundy (c1830-1918)

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William Cundy was born about 1830 in Sheffield (England).

… several directors of the Phoenix Foundry Company, Mr. Shaw, the manager, Mr. Reid, Mr. Cundy…[1]

Mr Cundy – resident clerk of the works at the Phoenix Foundry in 1877 - he watched the interests of the Government.[2]

The board of inquiry into the case of Mr. Cundy, late Government inspector at the Phoenix Foundry Company’s works, Ballarat, will hold a second meeting at the railway office, this morning, when the inquiry will be proceeded with. Mr. Cundy, when the board was appointed, sent a letter to the Railway department, requesting a detailed statement of the charges against him which led to his dismissal, but received a reply from the acting secretary by direction of the Commissioner, “that he had already been informed of the charges on which his services had been dispensed with, and no further information would be given.” The board, however, at its first sitting determined to treat Mr. Cundy with greater fairness, and the chairman (Mr. Richardson) caused the charges preferred by Mr. Miris, the acting locomotive overseer, against Mr. Cundy to be reduced to writing, and a copy was forwarded to him on Tuesday evening, with a notification to attend the sitting of the board, if he chose, to-day. The charge in substance is, that Mr. Cundy failed to sufficiently inspect the work executed for the Government at the Phoenix Foundry Company’s works, and, in consequence, several cases of bad workmanship occurred.[3]

William Cundy died 19 October 1918 at Bowes Street, Queenstown (Tasmania, Australia). He is buried in Cornelian Bay Cemetery (The Cottage Queens Walk, Newtown, Tasmania).




--+ John Cundy (c1832-1887)

--+ William Cundy (c1832-1918) married Alice Smithurst (1836-1917)

--.--+ William Henry Cundy (c1861-1935) married Charlotte Shaw (1861-1916)

--.--.--+ Harold William Ernest Cundy (1893-1946)

--.--.--+ Mabel Alice Cundy (1895-?)

--.--.--+ Florence Annie Cundy (1897-?)

--.--.--+ George Cedric Cundy (1900.-1985)

--.--.--+ Edward Rex Cundy (1902-?)

--.--.--+ William Jonathon Cundy (1905-1911)

--.--+ Eileen Cundy married Conrad Egbert Williams

--.--+ Charles Cundy (?-1902)

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