William Francis Durnell (1856-1917)

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William Francis Durnell was born 2 April 1856 in Frodesley (near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England) to Goerge Durnell (?-1914) and Ann nee UNKNOWN (?-1917).

William Francis Durnell worked at the Phoenix Foundry, time and position unknown.

William Francis Durnell died 20 November 1917 in Adelaide (South Australia). He is buried in the Cheltenham Cemetery (Adelaide).



George Durnell (?-1914) married Anne UNKNOWN (?-1917)

--+ William Francis Durnell (1856-1917) married Ethel Jane Procter

--.--+ Tom William George Edward Durnell (1901-1973) married Ruby Irene Figg

--.--+ Olga Mary Annie Durnell (1904-?) married Jack Brusso Spencer

--.--+ Ethel Ellenor Patricia Durnell (1911-?) married Angus Alfred Coles

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