William Francis Murphy (1875-1936)

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William Francis Murphy was born 23 July 1875 to William Emmett Murphy (1841-1921) and Frances Agnes Cavanagh (1848-1877).

He was an apprentice at Ballarat's Phoenix Foundry. [1]

William F. Murphy was 41 years old mining engineer when he enlisted during World War One in Darwin at the rank of second lieutenant (3820). His enlistment papers give his educational qualifications as Certificate of Competency Mining Engineer and Mine Manager Certificate (Victoria). He was a member of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company. On 25 October 1916 he travelled on the Ulysses to work under the German lines on the Western Front.[2]

William Francis Murphy died 7 January 1936 in Pine Creek (Northern Territory, Australia).


Murphy was involved setting up branches of the Amalgamated Miners’ Association (union) in Western Australia and Queensland. [3]


William Murphy

--+ William Emmett Murphy (1841-1921) married Frances Agnes Kavanagh (1848-1877)

--.--+ Alice Frances Murphy (1871-1958)

--.--+ William Francis Murphy (1875-1936)

--.--+ Mary Agnes Frances Murphy (1877-1901)

--+ William Emmett Murphy (1841-1921) married Louisa Mary Walshe (1861-1931)

--.--+ Louisa Maria Murphy (1894-1983)

--.--+ Anthony Emmett Murphy (1900.-1977)

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