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Registered at birth as William Henry Oppy, born 24 Feb 1855 in Ashby, Geelong, Victoria. His parents were, William Henry Oppy (Snr) and Mary 'Ann' Harry. Both of his parents were born in Cornwall, England and they arrived in Australia, in 1854.[1]

William Henry Oppy (Jnr) worked at the Phoenix Foundry as a Blacksmith residing in Ballarat.[2] He served as Captain of Sebastopol Fire Brigade, and was awarded the Ballarat Country Fire Brigade Medal, in 1885. He was also a member of the Volunteer Army.[3]



William Henry Oppy, married Janet 'Jessie' Forbes Jamieson in 03 Oct 1878, in Ballarat. William and Jessie had ten children, all were born in Ballarat. Jessie arrived in Australia, from Glasgow in 1855. She was three years of age, and she attended the Ballarat, Happy Valley Common School.[4]

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