William Henry Gordon (c1845-1921)

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William Henry Gordon was born about 1845 to Francis Gordon and Jean UNKNOWN.

William Henry Gordon worked at the Phoenix Foundry in 1880, position unknown.

William Gordon was a blacksmith and farrier whose premises were located on Lyons Street, Ballarat in 1887.[1]

William Henry Gordon died 26 April 1921 in the Melbourne Hospital (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballaarat New Cemetery (Area Presbyterian B, Section 12, Grave 01).



Francis Gordon married Jean UNKNOWN

--+ John Gordon

--+ William Henry Gordon (c1845-1921) married Julia Ann George (1858-1938)

--.--+ Emily Maud Gordon (1883-?)

--.--+ Huntley Ormond Gordon (1889-1972)

--.--+ Lenore Gordon (1885-?)

--.--+ William Leslie Gordon (1887-1962)

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  1. Rogers, J. W. F. (ed.). (c. 1887). The Australasian Federal Directory of Commerce, Trades & Professions. Melbourne: J. W. F. Rogers.

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