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William John Stallard served with the A.I.F. during World War One.



Stallard was born in Collingwood in 1880, the son of Joseph Stallard and Jane Mason Miller.[1]

Stallard enlisted in the A.I.F., on 5 November 1914.[2] He joined the 5th Light Horse. He was working as a miner in Herberton, Queensland. He left Sydney on 21 December 1914 on the A34 "Persic".[2] On 5 November 1915 he is reported as being sick on the Gallipoli Peninsula, and moved to Heliopolis a week later.[2] He is discharged from hospital on 10 December 1915. In July 1916 he joins the 53rd Artillery Battery, 5th Division in France.[2]

On 20 April 1917 he is admitted to the general hospital at Etaples with an abscess and is discharged back to the 5th Division on 20 June 1917.[2]

On the 21 August 1917 he is wounded in action.[2] On 31 August 1917 he is sent to England with a gunshot wound to the left arm and shoulder, and admitted to the Norfolk War Hospital. On 17 September 1917 he is transferred from the Norfolk War Hospital to the 3rd Auxilary Hospital with bronchitis.[2]

On 24 April 1918 he was gassed, and sent to hospital.[2] On 18 October 1918 he is returned to Australia.

His two younger brothers, Harold (born 1890) and Stanley (born 1892) also enlisted in the A.I.F.


World War One service recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

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