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William Roberts was born 1873 in Staffordshire Reef (Victoria, Australia) to William Roberts (c1843-1891) and Elizabeth Merchant nee Wakeling (?-1854).

William Roberts worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

On his retirement after 37 years’ service, Mr W. Roberts, foreman of the forge at the Newport Workshops, was farewelled during the lunch hour recently by the workshops manager, Mr Brownbill, fellow-officers and employees.
Before making the presentation, Mr Brownbill expressed appreciation of the support Mr Roberts had given him since he was appointed, workshops manager at Newport, and stated that he hoped Mr Roberts would long live to enjoy his well-earned rest from departmental labors and his superannuation rights, and that both Mr and Mrs Roberts would enjoy the best of health.
Messrs Thomas, foreman blacksmith, behalf of the west block; Richardson, chief foreman, and waggon, department, east block; Guinane, chief clerk, on behalf of the staff; Broad, production engineer, on behalf of the P.O. shops; Grubb, on behalf of the Federation, of Salaried Officers, salaried craftsmen's branch, also spoke in glowing terms of their association with Mr Roberts and expressed regret at his retirement.
On behalf of all concerned, Mr Brownbill presented Mr Roberts with a very fine reading lamp and a suitcase for himself and a splendid handbag for Mrs Roberts.
After Mr Roberts had thanked Mr Brownblll, his fellow-officers and employees for their gifts and good wishes, the very happy gathering was concluded by the singing of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," and cheers were given for Mr and Mrs Roberts.
Mr Roberts served his apprenticeship at the Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat, and worked as a lad on "Y" and “E” class engines which were being manufactured at these works, as well as in connection with the forging of side and connecting rods for the "AA" engines then under construction.
"Bill," as he was known to his workmates, started work at Newport on his twenty-eighth birthday, viz., 10th November, 1901. The pattern “DD" engines were then under construction and from then on, Mr Roberts was in close touch with all heavy forgings required for all classes of work.
For many years, Mr Roberts was a representative on the Council of the Victorian Railways Institute was mainly responsible for raising funds for the opening up of country centres connected with the institute.
He was prominent in the singing world, and at the opening of the Institute took an important part in the programme and was congratulated by the then Commissioner for Railways (Mr Thomas Tait) on his splendid voice.
"Mr Roberts was also a member of the committee of the Railways Mu- [sic]as well as an active member of the trial Benefit Society for many years, Victorian Railways Musical Society, which he joined on entering the railway service.
Roberts is a member of the Williamstown City Council, and is regarded by the ratepayers whom he represents as a councillor of outstanding ability.
As a further mark of their esteem the lads of the bolt shop presented him with a wallet, suitably inscribed.[1]

William Roberts died 1960 in Victoria (Australia).



William Roberts married Ann Hancocks

--+ William Roberts (c1843-1891) married Elizabeth Merchant Wakeling (1854-1936)

--.--+ William Roberts (1873-1960) married Emily Henrietta Reynolds

--.--.--+ William Langman Roberts (1899-1953)

--.--.--+ Elva Roberts (1901-?) married Frank Mollard

--.--.--+ Albert Allan Roberts (1904-1984) married Dorothy Alice Brown

--.--.--+ John Wakeling Roberts (1911-?)

--.--+ Elizabeth Emily Roberts (1875-1875)

--.--+ Matilda Roberts (1877-1947) married Thomas Henry Robert Julier

--.--+ George Roberts (1879-1881)

--.--+ Ann Roberts (1882-?)

--.--+ Elizabeth Emily Roberts (1885-1899)

--.--+ Thomas Mathew Roberts (1887-1916)

--.--+ Albert Edward Roberts (1889-1917)

--.--+ George Ernest Roberts (1891-?)

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  1. Williamstown Chronicle (Vic. : 1856 - 1954), Saturday 28 January 1939, page 6.

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