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Members of the Old Colonists' Association. Australian Town and Country Journal, Wed 21 Dec 1904




Former Mayor of Sebastopol. (See http://bih.ballarat.edu.au/index.php/Ballarat_East)


The late Mr. Wm. Robertson was one of the earliest settlers, having arrived in the Smythesdale district shortly after the Eureka riots. The deceased gentle man was for many years a member of the Ballarat East council, and had occupied the position of mayor of the town during the visit of the two princes in 1881.
He was at the time of his death president of the Ballarat Old Colonists' Association, a member of the Free Library committee, a justice of the peace and an influential member of the Masonic fraternity.
For seventeen years he held the position of engineer for the town, and did a large amount of good work. It was only in recent years that his advanced age compelled him to relinquish the position, and on severing his connection with the Town Council a handsome presentation was made to him. The deceased, who was 70 years of age, died suddenly in his daughter-in-law's arms, about seven o'clock this morning. Only last night he attended a meeting of the Old Colonists' Club, and went home with Captain Trahar, of the Ballarat Fire Brigade. He then appeared to be in his usual state of health, and his death this morning came as a great shock to the community. Heart failure was the cause of death.
Flags were at half-mast in respect to the memory of the deceased gentlemen.[1]

Mr William Robertson, who has been twice Mayor of Ballarat East, and also president of the Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat, died suddenly on 27th June. His age was 72 years. He attended a meeting of the Old Colonists' association on 26th June.[2]

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