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William Wooster, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No.7706 ) - Gift of Don and Joan Ogilvy, 2007
William Wooster, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No.7706.1 - Gift of Don and Joan Ogilvy, 2007)



William H. Wooster was born in Lambeth, Surrey (now considered London) on 08 December 1844. He landed in Sydney in 1853 after sailing from Plymouth on 13 August 1853 on board the Maidstone. William was accompanied by Susannah Worster, and children William, Susan and Thomas. [1] He was a teacher, lecturer, scientist and writer for the press for about 48 years to 1912.


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Field Naturalists Club and Science Society - This Association has continued its monthly meetings at The School, as herertofore. Mr W.H. Wooster, of Bolwarra, M.Mic.Soc.Victoria, a member of the club, recently inaugurated a class for instruction in Microscopy, and has undertaken to attend regularly once a month to deliver a course of lectures, for the benefit of students desirous of extending their knowledge of this practically useful and interesting subject.[2]

Mr W. H. Wooster presided over a meeting of the Ballarat Photographic Club at the Ballarat School of Mines on Wednesday February 23rd 1898. Several amounts were passed for payment in connection with the recent exhibition, which was reported to have been a great success. Mr.G. F. Shew gave a practical demonstration of lantern slide making, and explained the different developers and their actions on the photographic film. The different qualities of plates, and means of determining by exposure the colors required were also fully described, the lecturer observing that any color could be obtained with a lantern slide, the results depending on the exposure. He also exhibited a great number of excellent views of Melbourne and Ballarat, taken by himself. A communication was received from the Otago Jubilee Exhibition committee requesting photographic exhibits from Ballarat for the exhibition, which was to be held at Dunedin on 23rd May of the same year. It was decided to comply with the request. A vote of thanks to Mr Shew closed the proceedings. [3]


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