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Historical Knowledge and Understanding Focus

The importance of country and place to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders who belong to a local area

ONE important example of change and ONE important example of continuity in the local community, region or state/territory

The role that people of diverse backgrounds have played in the development and character of the local community

Days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia and the importance of symbols and emblems

Federation University Historical Collection

The following records relate to Australia’s first school of mines. They are ‘one of’ records that are not available elsewhere, and have not been digitised or indexes.

• Digitisation of Ballarat School of Mines Minute Books from 1870-1925

• Digitisation of Ballarat School of Mines Letter Books from 1870-1925

• Digitisation of Ballarat School of Mines Students Magazines from 1870-1966

• Digitisation of Ballarat School of Mines Annual Reports from 1870-1970

• Digitisation of correspondence sent to the Ballarat School of Mines relating to the everyday working of a school in the community

Further items of high potential to the Australian Curriculum (History) could be digitised as follows.

• If copyright permission can be obtained from the Education Department we could scan (with OCR) all Education gazettes from 1900-1966. These gazettes are illustrated and have details and schools, teachers, subjects and topics covered in a school including Arbour Day, swimming, how to teach specialty subjects, hand-writing, etc. Important for students researching their own school and locality. These gazettes have been ‘weeded’ from the majority of collections and libraries and are now difficult to locate and access. (also listed under Years 7 & 8)

• Digitisation of images and artefacts in the UB Historical Collection relating to indigenous inhabitants

• Digitisation if images relating to significant events in the Ballarat district, including:

- Eureka Stockade

- 8 hour day

- Celebrations , ie end of World Wars, royal visits, opening of buildings

- Federation

- Voting

• Digitisation of maps relating to Ballarat and District (some require copyright permissions)

• Illustrated biographies of inventors associated with the Ballarat School of Mines, including Henry Sutton (inventor), Cyril Callister (Vegemite)

• Photo collection of scientific equipment with explanatory information

• Images and databases of War Honour Rolls, Ballarat School of Mines Student enrolments (1870-1925)

• Images of War related items such as letters from the front

• Lists relating to World War One repatriation studies undertaken at the Ballarat School of Mines by returned soldiers.

• Details and images relating to the large number of Honour Boards made for Australia-wide organisations at the Ballarat School of Mines

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