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Depth Studies

Depth Study 1: Making a Better World?

Depth Study 2: Australia and Asia

Depth Study 3: World War I

Federation University Historical Collection

• Original surveys of gold claims

• Ballarat School of Mines Assay Registers

• Images and documents relating to the Ballarat School of Mines Model Mine Laboratory and assaying

• Images and databases of War Honour Rolls, Ballarat School of Mines Student enrolments (1870-1925)

• Images of War related items such as letters from the front

Internal Links

Lesson Plans

Build a Bibliography Lesson Plan

...and the Build a Bibliography Teacher Resource

Create a Publicity Brochure Lesson Plan

...and the Create a Publicity Brochure Teacher Resource

Identifying Key Facts Lesson Plan

...and the Identifying Key Facts Teacher Resource

Identifying Key Terms Lesson Plan

...and the Identifying Key Terms Teacher Resource

Identifying the Source Lesson Plan

...and the Identifying the Source Teacher Resource

Resource Kits

Create a Publicity Brochure for the Lucas Clothing Factory in 1919

Recommended Reading


Further Reading

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