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One of the founders was William E. Burbidge.




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William E. Burbidge

H. Crisp

G. J. Dawbarn

A. Doepel


Fred Foster

F. Gray

Frederick Martell

Francis W. Niven

James Oddie

R. Radcliffe

William H. Steele

Miss Stitfold

Henry Sutton

William Wooster

G. J. Dawbarn


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Andrew Anderson

T. Stanton Bowman

Thomas Henry Chuck


Ballarat School of Mines Photography

Ballarat Photographic Club


The monthly meeting of the above association was held at the School of Mines on Wednesday last; Mr H. Sutton in the chair. There was a large attendance of members and several visitors. The matter of sending an exhibit to the forthcoming Geelong exhibition was brought up, and it was decided to forward a joint exhibit, the officers to make the necessary arrangements. A com munication was received from Mr A. Doepel, of Camperdown, with plans of a means of adopting an ordinary camera for stereoscopic work. Messrs Thomas and Ellis were elected members of the association, and the Ven. Archdeacon Julius and Mr F. Irving nominated for membership. After several minor matters had been discussed the meeting adjourned to the laboratory, where arrangements had been made for an exhibition of lantern transparencies. The lantern was manufactured by Mr Burbidge, and about 100 slides were shown, comprising the moon and several landscape scenes by Mr Sutton, instantaneous work by Professor Smith, including the Adelaide express, taken when travelling at full speed; a mining scene and an instantaneous picture of a hurdle race at Lal Lal by Mr Doepel, snow and other subjects by Mr Miller, several excellent portraits by Mr Gray, still life by Mr Burbidge, and yacht pictures by Mr Crisp. One of Robinson’s patent secret cameras was also exhibited, and is expected to prove an endless source of amusement if the results are successful.[1]

The annual exhibition of the Ballarat Photographic Association was continued in the School of Mines on Friday, evening. There was a very large attendance, the room being inconveniently crowded. The Judges (Messrs T. H. Chuck and L. A. Fraser) had a very hard duty to perform, and it is only fair to these gentlemen to state that it was performed to the satisfaction of all concerned. The most interesting pictures, from a purely art point of view, were certainly those which aimed at producing the perfect composition of a picture. Amongst these was one taken by Mr Fred Foster, “Art Critics," a representation of Miss Foster sketching in the Ballarat East gardens in the presence of Mr T.S. Bowman, artist, and surrounded by particularly severe and candid critics is the persons of half-a-dozen children. During the evening solos and recitations were given by Mesdames Bean, Clarke, and Beaumont, and Messrs Cutter, Doherty, and Seidel; and Mr Theo Sergeant showed some excellent lantern views. The prize list was as follows; Landscape—Class T.—H. Crisp, 1, Landscape—Class III.H. Crisp, 1; A. B. Saunders, 2; H. Crisp, 3. Landscape—Class IV,—P. Foster, 1, Marine pictures—P. Foster, 1. Still life—H. Crisp, 1; H. Crisp, 2; Fred Foster, 8. Yachting—Class I.—J. Fletcher, 2. Yachting—Class 11,—F. Foster, 1; F. Foster, 2: F. Foster, 3. Architectural—H. Crisp, 1, Animals—Class lI. H. Crisp, 1; J, Fletcher, 2. Animals—Class III.—J. Fletcher, 1. Stereoscopic—F. Foster, 1; W. H, Wooster. 2; F. Foster, 3, Instantaneous—H. Crisp. I; F. Foster, 2. Hand camera work—F. Foster, 1; F. Foster, 2; F, Foster, 3. Bromide enlargements, other than portraits—W. H. Wooster, 1; W. H. Wooster, 2; W. H. Wooster, 3. Photo micrograph—W. H. Wooster, 1. Astronomical—Miss E. Ison Baker, 1. Scientific enlargements—Miss E. Ison Baker, hon, mention. special processes, carbons—H. Crisp, 1. . - Bromide contact prints—Miss B. Ison Baker; H. Crisp, 2; Miss M. Oddie, 3. Bromide opals—Crisp, 1; Miss M. Oddie, 2. Copying—H. Crisp, 1. Transparencies—F. Foster, 1. Lantern slides—interiors, F. Foster, 2. Photo micro—W. H. Wooster, 1, Hand camera— H. Crisp, 1; F. Foster, 2. Instantaneous—H. Crisp. 1; F. Foster, 2. Landscape—H. Crisp, 2; H. Crisp, 8. Copying—W. H. Wooster, 1; W. H. Wooster, 2; W. H. Wooster. 3. Still life— H. Crisp, 2; H. Crisp, 2; P. Foster, 3. Yachting—F. Foster, 1. Astronomical- Miss F. Ison Baker, 1. Special Prizes.—Trophy presented by Messrs Baker and Rouse, Melbourne, for the best picture in the room—H. Crisp. 1. Trophy presented by the president Frederick Martell for the best illustration of the words "Good-bye" —F. Foster, 1; Miss K. I. Baker, 2; F. Foster. 8. Trophy presented by Messrs J. W, Small and Cos., Melbourne, for the best six art pictures -F. Foster, 1; Miss E. I. Baker 3. For the best, three interiors—A. E. Saunders, 1; F. Foster, 2; W. H. Wooster, 3. Messrs Carter and Werner’s trophy for the best six half-plate landscapes—H. Crisp, 1; A. B. Saunders, 2; U. Crisp, 8. Mr F. W. Niven’s trophy for the best six whole plate landscapes- H. Crisp, 1; Miss Oddie, 2; A. E. Saunders, 3 Mr Andrew Anderson's trophy best three portraits—H. Crisp, 1; Miss Oddie, 2; F. Foster, 3. Professor Smith's trophy for the best six snap shots— H. Crisp, 1; P. Foster, 2; F, Foster, 3. Mr L. A. Fraser’s trophy for the best six lantern slides not previously exhibited; judged by the Gordon College Photo Association—F. Foster, 1; P. Foster, 2; Miss B. I. Baker, 3. Open classes, groups—W. H. Thacker, Geelong, 1. Landscape—G. H. Brinsmead, Geelong, 1;. H. P. Bennett, Melbourne, 2; A. K. Bratley, Geelong, 3. Seascape—U. P. Bennett, Melbourne, 1. Yachting—O. O. Dentry, Geelong, 2, Architectural—H. P. Bennett, Melbourne, 1. Animals —G. H. Brinsmead, Geelong, 1. Instantaneous—W. H. Thacker, Geelong, 1. Hand camera work—J. Hammerton, jun, Geelong, 1; A. E. Bratley, Geelong, 2.- Copying—H. P. Bennett, Melbourne, 1. [2]


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