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<td style="color:#000;"><div id="mp-tfl" style="text-align:center; font-size:10px; padding:2px 5px;">[[William Tainsh]]  •  [[David Tait]]  •  [[Robert E. Tait]]  •  [[Oscar C. Taite]]  •  [[Albert Tangey]]  •  [[A. E. Taylor]]  •  [[Alfred M. Taylor]]  •  [[Allan J. Taylor]]  •  [[Andrew Taylor]]  •  [[Charles Taylor]]  •  [[Edgar A. Taylor]]  •  [[Ernest A. Taylor]]  •  [[Frank G. Taylor]]  •  [[George Taylor]]  •  [[Hopetoun Taylor]]  •  [[John Taylor]]  •  [[John L. Taylor (1)]]  •  [[John L. Taylor (2)]]  •  [[Leslie E. Taylor]]  •  [[Osbert S. Taylor]]  •  [[Percival Taylor]]  •  [[Percy H. Taylor]]  •  [[Robert Taylor]]  •  [[Thomas O. Taylor]]  •  [[Thomas T. Taylor]]  •  [[William J. Taylor]]  •  [[James P. Tayson]]  •  [[Ronald A. Teesdale]]  •  [[Robin G. Telfer]]  •  [[Stanley J. Telling]]  •  [[William C. Tennant]]  •  [[Spencer W. Terry]]  •  [[William Tewes]]  •  [[George T. Thistlethwaite]]  •  [[Gordon Thistlethwaite]]  •  [[Maurice A. Thistlethwaite]]  •  [[William J. Thistlethwaite]]  •  [[Albert E. Thomas]]  •  [[Albert E. V. Thomas]]  •  [[Charles Thomas]]  •  [[Charles H. Thomas]]  •  [[Ebenezer Thomas]]  •  [[Edward A. Thomas]]  •  [[Edward J. Thomas]]  •  [[Ernest W. Thomas]]  •  [[Evan G. Thomas]]  •  [[G. S. Thomas]]  •  [[George C. Thomas]]  •  [[George E. Thomas]]  •  [[James O. Thomas]]  •  [[Jane Thomas]]  •  [[John Thomas]]  •  [[John D. Thomas]]  •  [[John H. S. Thomas]]  •  [[L. Milton Thomas]]  •  [[Leslie L. Thomas]]  •  [[M. L. Thomas]]  •  [[Norman S. Thomas]]  •  [[Robert Thomas]]  •  [[Stanley J. Thomas]]  •  [[W. E. Thomas]]  •  [[William Thomas]]  •  [[William H. Thomas]]  •  [[Wm. H. L. Thomas]]  •  [[Bessie A. Thompson]]  •  [[Edgar J. Thompson]]  •  [[Edmund J. Thompson]]  •  [[F. Thompson]]  •  [[Francis Thompson]]  •  [[Fred Thompson]]  •  [[Fredk. J. Thompson]]  •  [[Harry H. Thompson]]  •  [[Henry F. Thompson]]  •  [[James A. Thompson]]  •  [[Reginald Thompson]]  •  [[Stanley G. Thompson]]  •  [[William E. Thompson]]  •  [[William H. L. Thompson]]  •  [[William P. Thompson]]  •  [[Frederick McL. Thomson]]  •  [[Hugh C. Thomson]]  •  [[George R. Thurling]]  •  [[William H. Thurling]]  •  [[John E. Thwaites]]  •  [[Thomas G. Thwaites]]  •  [[Francis Tierney]]  •  [[Matthew Tierney]]  •  [[George Tilley]]  •  [[Norman Timmings]]  •  [[George Timms]]  •  [[Howard Tinney]]  •  [[Alfred D. Titheridge]]  •  [[Fred W. Titheridge]]  •  [[Albert H. Todd]]  •  [[Robert J. Todd]]  •  [[Stanley Todd]]  •  [[Victor J. Todd]]  •  [[William R. Todd]]  •  [[Con Toll]]  •  [[Fred Toll]]  •  [[Richard R. Toll]]  •  [[Fred. C. Tolliday]]  •  [[Leslie A. Tolliday]]  •  [[Stanley M. Tolliday]]  •  [[Arthur Tompkins]]  •  [[Arthur N. Tong]]  •  [[Royden W. Tong]]  •  [[Hedley Tong-Way]]  •  [[Archibald Tonkin]]  •  [[E. Tonkin]]  •  [[Frank Tonkin]]  •  [[Henry Toohey]]  •  [[Arthur Toop]]  •  [[Tom Toop]]  •  [[Charles Toott]]  •  [[Thomas Tournier]]  •  [[Percy G. Towl]]  •  [[Norman Tozer]]  •  [[William J. Trahair]]  •  [[Alexander E. Trahar]]  •  [[Charles A. Trahar]]  •  [[Henry J. Trainer]]  •  [[John A. Trait]]  •  [[M. James Trait]]  •  [[Arthur J. Trangmar]]  •  [[H. S. Trangmar]]  •  [[Ernest P. Tregaskis]]  •  [[William J. Tregonning]]  •  [[M. V. Tregurtha]]  •  [[T. F. S. Tregurtha]]  •  [[Richard Treherne]]  •  [[George H. Trekardo]]  •  [[Lennon J. Trekardo]]  •  [[Harold W. Treloar]]  •  [[Robt. L. Tremain]]  • [[ Jack Trembath]]  •  [[A. Rupert Trengove]]  •  [[Herbert R. Trengove]]  •  [[F. J. S. Trethowan]]  •  [[Harold E. Trethowan]]  •  [[Kenneth Trethowan]]  •  [[Albert Trevan]]  •  [[Will J. Trevan]]  •  [[Norman L. Treweek]]  •  [[James A. Trezise]]  •  [[John G. Trezise]]  •  [[George Trice]]  •  [[Wilton E. Trompf]]  •  [[Henry Troon, fitter]]  •  [[Alfred F. Tucker]]  •  [[Charles W. Tucker]]  •  [[Ernest C. Tucker]]  •  [[Evelyn C. C. Tucker]]  •  [[Frederick W. Tucker]]  •  [[Leslie R. Tucker]]  •  [[S. Edmund Tucker]]  •  [[William B. Tucker]]  •  [[Albert H. Tuddenham]]  •  [[Christopher Tudor]]  •  [[Hector H. Tudor]]  •  [[Daryl B. Tunbridge]]  •  [[Geoffrey B. Tunbridge]]  •  [[Jack V. Tunbridge]]  •  [[Walter Tunbridge]]  •  [[Alfred L. Turnbull]]  •  [[John McN. Turnbull]]  •  [[Majes Turner]]  •  [[W. L. Turner]]  •  [[William F. Turner]]  •  [[Charles Tuxen]]  •  [[A. G. Twaites]]  •  [[J. D. Twaites]]  •  [[Alexander Tweedale]]  •  [[Robert Y. Tweeddale]]  •  [[Forbes Tweedie]]  •  [[Herbert F. Tweedie]]  •  [[George L. Twyford]]  •  [[Charles W. Tyers]]  •  [[J. Gordon Tyler]]</div></td>
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The beginning of the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, Courtesy Victorian Interpretive Projects Inc.
Newly planted tree for Samuel J. Tong-Way in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, 06 June 1917. Courtesy Tongway Family

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is famous for being the first avenue of its kind in Australia[1][Notes 1] (perhaps in the world) and the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It incorporates the Ballarat Arch of Victory and extends for approximately 22 kilometres. In total, the trees represent 3912[2][Notes 2] Ballarat and district men and women who served in World War One - 528 of whom were killed in battle or died of wounds or disease.[3]

The trees were planted in order of the soldiers enlistment along the Western Highway, consisting of 3,771 trees.[4]

Most of the cost for the plantings was met by the Lucas Girls through the sale of dolls made from scraps they had salvaged at the Lucas Clothing Factory.[5]



Early plantings in the Ballarat Avenue of Honor, c1920. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection [Cat.No.1279].
The Ballarat Arch of Victory showing early plantings in the Ballarat Avenue of Honor, c1920. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection [Cat.No.19012].

Popular writings suggest that the Ballarat Avenue of Honour was a catalyst for the planting of many similar avenues throughout Victoria[6], but records show that in 1917 the State Recruitment Committee of Victorian municipalities called for a planting of avenues of trees to represent all those serving in the war.[3] Such memorials to the living (not only those killed in action) are apparently unknown in the United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand.[7]

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour was envisioned as a symbol that "will last for all time, and their children and children's children will be able to point out how their parents made history for Australia and the Empire".[8] The creation of the movement to build the avenue has been attributed to Tilly Thompson, the director and executive officer of the Lucas Clothing Factory. The planting of the trees was undertaken by 500 employees of that white works company, with the first planting of trees taking place in 1917. By 1919, 3771 trees extended 22km along both sides of the Western Highway from Ballarat to Burrumbeet. Each tree represented a Ballarat serviceman or nurse who enlisted during World War One, and included a bronze plate with the name, battalion and tree number. The names of those brave men and women who served were derived from enlistment records[9] and called for by the Avenue's committee through a series of newspaper articles and word-of-mouth activities. This included the updating of the individual plaques to reflect if a service man or woman had been killed.[10] Suggestion arose over time that this particular Avenue could connect Ballarat and Melbourne.[11]


The first planting of 1000 trees occurred on Monday, 4 June 1917[Notes 3] in wet and windy weather. Although such circumstances may have been more conducive to an air of suffering rather than celebration the Lucas Girls are said to have "battled bravely" to plant the trees deep and firmly within the ground[12][Notes 4] - so that the line of trees extended 1 1/4 miles (approximately 2 kilometres) from Alfredton towards Burrumbeet.[13] "The Premier, Sir Alexander Peacock, however, announced that more trees would be planted on some Saturday afternoon in the near future, and that he would be pleased to attend and deliver the speech he had purposed to deliver yesterday."[14] This line of trees was then extended by a planting that took place on Saturday 18 August 1917 - with another 801 trees representing soldiers and 47 for nurses[Notes 5]. Again the weather was wet and windy; but the Avenue of Honour movement had gained so much support that a huge crowd turned out by rail, motor-car, horse buggy and on foot. The Avenue was again extended in poor weather on Saturday 1 September 1917 - with 73 trees planted commemorating the service of young district men in all branches of the land forces and 31 recognising the service of young district men in the Navy.[15] At the time of planting each tree was surrounded by a protective timber barrier - to which the plates bearing the soldiers name, rank and unit was affixed.[16] For Christmas 1917 laurel wreaths were place by the Lucas Girls on every tree guard in the Avenue.[17]

[Dedicated to the patriotic young ladies of Lucas and Co's, 1917.]

One evening as I wandered forth
With weary steps and slow,
Methought I saw the Lucas girls
Of twenty years ago.
I pictured them in happy homes
Where love and truth abide;
Two virtues that will smooth our path
Across the Great Divide.
The magpies carolled forth their lays,
A skylark specked the blue,
While summer birds came skimming down
The long green Avenue.
I sat me down beneath a tree,
And thought with honest pride:
These grow for Austral's fighting men
Who for our freedom died.
Two blackbirds whistled overhead,
Their notes of music true;
I blessed the tender, loyal hearts
That planned the Avenue.
More fitting than a monument
In sculptured figures dres't;
These trees are live memorials
Of those we love the best.
The men who placed their country first,
And gave what gold can't buy,
While human pangs and passions last,
Their names shall never die.
The sword is rusted in its sheath,
Farms dot the battle plain,
And Peace triumphant sits enthroned
Above the noble slain.
Warmed by the breath of blue-eyed spring,
The trees in beauty grow,
A credit to the Lucas girls
Of twenty years ago.
Melrose Estate, Victoria.[18]

Locally, the efforts of the Lucas Clothing Co. were held up as an example to be imitated by sporting bodies and other interest groups.[19] The Ballarat Orphanage held an Arbor Day on Friday 3 August 1917 to plant their own avenue commemorating the contributions of past inmates to World War One. This avenue consisted of over 100 oak and elm trees. Added to this, the Orphanage planted an avenue of more than 1200 pine trees dedicated to past officials and subscribers of the organisation.[20] In Ballarat North an Avenue of Honour was created on Beaufort Crescent.[21] On the main Ballarat-Beaufort road the Ripon Shire Soldiers' Avenue of Honour was opened by a ceremony held on Monday 12 August 1918.[22] In Sebastopol the "Birdwood Avenue"[Notes 7] was created and dedicated to those young men and women of Sebastopol who served in World War One.[23]

Cover of Lucas's Staff Appreciation of Brave Men, published 1937 for the Ballarat Centenary. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection [Cat.No.1279].

On 1 June 1918 another planting occurred - with 500 trees planted. These included "pin oak, purple-leafed elm, tulip, honey-locust, Portugal oak, and Turkey oak".[24] The sixth planting occurred on Saturday 17 August 1918 - with another 530 trees added to bring the total "close on 3300 trees". A special train ran from Ballarat to carry more than a thousand people to the event[25] and the carnivalesque atmosphere was heightened by the provision of afternoon by the "ladies of the Windermere and Burrumbeet Red Cross".[26] At this time a special souvenir booklet containing the name of everyone for whom a tree had been planted was issued.[27] As a fundraising initiative for the maintenance of the Ballarat Avenue of Honour the Lucas Clothing Factory commissioned the publishing of these special edition booklets commemorating 'Lucas's Staffs Appreciation of Brave Men'. The booklets contained lists denoting: the tree number; the name of the soldier associated with the tree; their date of enlistment; and the name of the person who planted the tree. The third - and final - edition of June 1919 sold for a price of 2 shillings.[28]

A novelty football match played on 28 September 1918 between the "Khaki Girls" (workers from the Commonwealth Clothing Factory[29]) and the Lucas Girls raised about £530 for the building of the arch at the entrance of the Avenue.[30] This event was preceded with an early morning motorcade of the Khaki Girls along the Avenue in cars provided by local residents and an early afternoon procession from the intersection of Armstrong Street and Sturt Street to the Eastern Oval - with a brief stop at the Soldiers' Statue.[31]

A planting of 600 trees designated for Saturday 7 June 1919 was postponed to the following Saturday due to poor weather.[32] The final planting of trees occurred on 16 August 1919. In total there had been 8 official plantings.[6]

General Sir William Birdwood laid the foundation-stone for the Victory Arch on Saturday 7 February 1920[Notes 8] - also presenting a number of decorations to returned service men and women.[33] Only four months later, on Wednesday 2 June, amidst heavy rain a dense crowd watched as the Arch was officially "opened" by the visiting Prince of Wales[34] - the 600 Lucas Girls in pride of place on special tiers erected directly beside the Arch.[35]

Lord Forster (Sir Henry William Forster, then Governor-General of Australia) travelled around Australia dedicating war memorials[36] and during his visit to Ballarat on Wednesday 9 November 1921 was reported to have commented that the Ballarat Avenue was "the most eloquent war memorial [he had] seen in any part of the world".[37] Unsurprisingly, the "fame of the Ballarat avenue of honour for soldiers ... reach Rhodesia" and the Rhodesia Comrades of the War contacted the Ballarat City Council for information concerning how they could go about creating their own living monument.[38]

To the Editor of “The Courier.”
Sir.-Why is “Wattle” so critical of Lucas and Co.’s young ladies’ efforts in such a good cause as commemorating the bravery and heroism of our boys? Everyone should be very thankful to have, not only 500 trees planted, but the next also. What is to prevent “Wattle” and his confreres planting still further on after the first 1000? If steps were taken to bring them into the scheme, Beaufort, Ararat, Hamilton, Mount Gambier, &c., would co-operate, and we could have an avenue from Ballarat to Adelaide, and from Ballarat to Melbourne. (I notice the Forward Ballarat people contemplate planting an avenue on the Melbourne road.) Again, where is the boasted patriotism of our bowlers and other sports, of which we have seen so little. My friend, Monty McCallum, made a good suggestion in your columns the other day for the B.B.A. to consider, but what has been done? There are over 250 bowlers in Ballarat. Surely they could put in a Saturday afternoon, and each one dig two holes and the next Saturday plant the trees. The cost is not great, and could be easily met. I am a bowler, and can dig holes, and would be glad to do it; but look, Sir, one hears too much talk of patriotism from men who do nothing that one gets just about full up of it. One can, however, for a corrective, turn to the ladies, who, it seems to me, are doing the work for the boys, while we strapping, able-bodied men enjoy ourselves to our heart’s content, and allow our women folk to do the cooking for us as well as doing the patriotic work. Shame on the men and good luck to Lucas and Co.’s and the Red Cross and Trenches and the Comforts’ ladies. I reckon if these ladies took up the recruiting work instead of the men we would see far better results than we have. Hence I say let Lucas and Co. look after the next 500 trees, and “Wattle” and the A.N.A. and others do as much more as they can.-Yours, &c.,

Lucas and Co. and their employees continued to maintain the avenue with community support until 1931, when a committee was formed to take care of future maintenance, including the periodic replacement of trees.[40] By 1934 the original guards around the trees had fallen into disrepair and action was taken to replace all of the name plates with bronze plaques - that were hand cast in gunmetal and affixed at the base of each tree, using bolts, to steel straps set in concrete footings. These bronze plaques were manufactured by Mann Bros.

Later developments included a memorial wall, with names and tree numbers inscribed, that was opened by Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop in 1993. [41] Also in 1993 a 5 kilometre section of the Avenue at the Burrumbeet end was 'disconnected' when the Ararat rail line was cut through during the construction of the Western Highway Bypass[42] - leaving 26 trees between the bypass and the rail line inaccessible to the public.[43]

All 3800 trees have now been reconnected to the Avenue by the building of an overpass during the latest Western Highway Upgrade works.[44]

Name Plaques

In 1934 the original Ballarat Avenue of Honour name plates fixed to the tree guards were replaced with the permanent bronze name plaques in the Avenue today after most of which were lost or missing. Manufactured by the Ballarat firm Mann Bros., the plaques were hand cast in gunmetal and bolted to mild steel straps set in concrete footings at the base of each tree.[45]

Names of Those Honoured

The following list of names on Ballarat's Avenue of Honour is compiled from the third and final edition of Lucas and Co.'s booklet to commemorate the plantings along the avenue[46] - in which it is known some errors occurred in the naming of the individuals. The Ballarat and District Industrial Heritage Wiki will endeavour to uncover and correct errors in this list, and will also list those who have not been designated a tree in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

Double asterisk (**) following a name indicates an individual who died as a result of their service.

Lambertis J. AckroydAlexander A. AdairAdamsAlfred E. T. AdamsJohn Adams (1)John E. AdamsRonald AdamsSamuel AdamsBertram F. AdamsonErnest G. AdamsonAlbert P. AhernJames AikensSamuel J. AinsworthJames AlexanderSamuel AlexanderJack G. AllanT. AllanThomas AllanWallis AllanDavid J. W. AllenE. Norman AllenGeorge H. AllenJ. G. AllenJohn R. AllenReginald E. AllenS. G. AllenWilfred L. AllenWilliam E. AllenLeonard AllenderLeonora M. AllenderJack AlliseyHenry AlmeidaFrank P. AlstonLouis H. AmorWilliam R. AmorAlbert E. AndersonAlex. J. AndersonCharles AndersonEdward W. AndersonFred AndersonFrederick B. AndersonGordon J. AndersonHector AndersonJohn A. AndersonLeo W. H. AndersonLeslie W. C. AndersonMargaret AndersonNorman L. AndersonRobert AndersonRobert S. AndersonThomas AndersonThos. AndersonWalter AndersonWilliam G. AndersonCharles G. AndrewAllan AndrewsJoseph I. AndrewsNewman AndrewsSydney J. AndrewsWilliam AndrewsJohn H. AngwinWilliam H. AngwinWilliam AnsteeGeorge A. AnstisRichard F. AnthonsenEdwin D. AppletonChrissy ArchibaldD. R. ArmourH. ArmourWilliam G. ArmourErnest W. ArmstrongW. J. ArmstrongWilliam J. ArmstrongGeorge G. ArthurHarold G. ArthurJohn J. ArthurThomas H. AshleyVerney AsserAlfred E. AtkinsonFrancis M. AtkinsonRobert P. AtkinsonDave J. AubreyGeorge I. AustinLeslie AustinWilliam A. AustinHarold C. AventFred AyersMichael Aylwood
John O. BaenschDaniel BaileyThomas S. Bailey (1894-1917)Walter Leslie Bailey (1891-?)Angus BainWilliam E. BainbridgeColin C. BairdDavid A. BairdFrancis L. BairdJohn A. BairdJohn L. BairdLeslie H. BairdMatthew BairdR. Dudley BairdRichard C. BairdWilliam BairdLewis BakerJames BaleWilliam BaleAlexander D. BalfourJohn Kennedy Ballhausen (1887-1957)Louis Gordon Ballhausen (?-1950)Percy A. A. BannermanOwen I. BannisterPercy E. BannisterHarold BarberR. Sayle BarclayCharles J. BarkerConat W. BarkerNorman H. BarkerDouglas BarnesJohn W. BarnesCharles H. BarnettCharles W. BarnettGeorge F. C. BarnettPercy E. BarnettThomas S. BarnettJohn BarrattC. Roy BarrettHarry BarrettJames H. BarrettRobert M. BarrettRupert S. BarrettWalter H. BarrettWilliam BarrettPercy A. BarrowBert BartlettGeorge H. BartlettEddy BarwickAlbert T. BastenFrederick W. BastianHarry C. BastowIvan BastowJames BatchPercival G. BatesE. BathE. S. BathTasma J. BatisteBertram L. BattenThomas H. BattieEdward J. BattyOliver BaumCharles W. BawdenFrederick Percival Lancelot BawdenHarry I. S. BawdenRichard BayfieldAlfred BayleySteve BaylyFrancis W. BeachamRobert E. BeamesPhilip J. BeanlandRaymond C. G. BeardonGeorge R. BeastonThomas A. BeastonFrank BeatonLeslie A. BeatonPeter BeatonHarry BeattieJames P. BeattieDavid BeaumontErnest BeaumontGeorge J. BeaumontPercival C. BeckwithCharles L. BedfordJohn BedfordF. W. R. BeechamDuncan BeithGordon BeithAlbert E. BelcherWilliam BelcherAlex. BellHarry BellJames BellJames H. BellLionel W. BellSarah BellWilliam BellChas. H. S. BellardBasil Q. BenaimAlfred W. BennettGladys C. BennettGordon F. C. BennettHerbert BennettHoward G. BennettR. L. C. BennettRay G. BennettThomas G. BennettWilliam B. BennettCecil BennettsFrederick J. BennettsS. R. BennettsVictor E. BennettsWilliam P. BenningtonRobert BensonSolomon E. BentwitchFelix J. BerginJames BerginThomas BerginWilliam BerginBenjamin C. BerryGeorge BerryGraham BerryJames BerryRichard BerryWilliam B. BerryAlbert Roy Berryman (1895-1954)Ernest William Berryman (1893-1919)Harold J. BerrymanRichard BerrymanBasil BesemeresHoward V. BesemeresJoseph BestHenry J. F. BettessGeorge V. BettsIvo I. BibbyJoseph BickartGeorge H. BicknellHarold H. Bieske Rudolph R. BieskeAlbert BiggsHarold BiggsAlfred BignallHenry Binder (1898-?)Humphrey Johns Binder (1896-1974)Arthur BirchStanley BirchAlbert C. BirdEric J. BirdGeorge BirkettGordon G. BishopRaymond C. BishopArchibald Black (1)Archibald Black (2)William A. BlackHerbert BlackburnWilliam BlackettLeslie BlackmanLyle A. BlackmanThomas W. J. BlackmanJack I. Blaikie Harold S. BlakeFrancis J. BlanchfieldCharles H. BleeGeorge E. BlightIvo B. BlightJohn Raymond BlightSidney W. BlightNorman S. BlockAlfred Alexander Blomeley (1880-1959)Albert C. BlomeleyEdward Louden Blomeley (1887-1919)Leopold Blomeley (1895-1970)Edward S. BlooreDuncan BlythenHenry J. BoddingtonJohn Rhys Bodycomb (1899-1950)Horace S. BolithoJoseph H. BolithoHunter BoltonMay BoltonWilliam K. BoltonEdward H. BolwellPercy H. A. BolwellAllan S. BondGeorge A. BondJohn BondHermann A. BoothJ. Furness BoothKeith W. BoothLeonard R. BoothMax BoothW. Stanley BoothA. C. BorleyRobert BorradaleRoy C. BosherThomas E. BottArthur P. BouchierLeslie BouraJohn W. BourkeThomas BourkeAlbert G. BousteadHoward W. BousteadOwen T. BousteadWilliam H. BousteadGeorge R. BowersHenry J. BowersHugh BowesWilliam E. BowesEdward G. BownBertram A. BoyceEric D. BoyceJ. Ferguson BoyceJohn A. BoyceRichard B. BoyceThomas D. BoyceBertram W. BoydPercival J. BoydStan S. BoydHarry Bradbury (1886-1956)Daniel BradbyWalter BradbySydney F. BradleyM. P. BrahamHarold BraidieAlfred E. BrainJohn BrainMatthew E. BrainThomas W. BrainHarold BrandH. P. BrandeburgTheodore BrandeburgAlbert E. BrayAlfred E. BrayFrank D. BrayR. Ford BrayClarence J. BraybrookLawrence BraybrookWilliam J. BraybrookNorman BrayshawJ. A. S. BrazenorWilliam BrazenorFrank BrelazAlfred J. BremerCharles BremerHenry BrewJohn BrewT. BrewWilfred L. BrewWilliam L. BrewAlfred C. BriantCalvin E. BriantBertie V. BridgesCarl C. BridgesCharles BridgesNelson E. BridgesArthur BridsonOscar E. BridsonSamuel BridsonCharles L. BrimacombeEric T. BrindJohn E. BritnellCecil A. BrittainHarry E. BrittainWilliam BrittainCampbell BrokenshireDavid R. BrokenshireHarry S. BrokenshireLeslie R. BrookesVernon T. BrookesJohn J. BrophyHarry BroughWilliam T. BroughA. G. BrownAndrew J. BrownCarl BrownDuncan R. BrownE. Gus BrownEric BrownGeorge W. Brown Harold Roy BrownHarold W. BrownHenry J. T. BrownJames V. BrownRichard H. BrownVictor A. BrownWilliam BrownErnest BrownfieldW. H. BrownlowAubrey C. BruceArthur H. BrudenellBertram BrudenhallHarold BrudenhallW. G. BruhnJames C. BryanCyril BryantHerbert E. BryantColin G. BuchananGeorge A. BuchananJohn R. BuchananWilliam J. BuchananFrank BuckinghamR. T. BuckinghamNorman K. BucklandGeorge BuddleWilliam BudgeBert. J. BullusJohn A. BullusJohn I. BullusAlbert E. BultLeslie T. BultRoy B. BultAlbert E. BuntingClarence BuntingGeorge E. BuntingArthur R. BurgeLeslie BurkeA. R. BurmeisterEdwin A. BurnellErnest BurnettGordon BurnettHerbert V. BurnettThomas BurnsGeorge H. BurridgeWilliam A. BurridgeHerbert R. BurrittArthur A. BurrowSydney V. BurrowFrank BurtJames BurtStephen W. BurtonStanley F. BuschHerman F. BushJohn T. ButlerJoseph A. ButlerWilliam H. ButterworthJames H. ButtonRobert J. ByersDaniel J. Byrne
Frederick CaddStanley W. CaddyThomas CaddyWilliam J. CaddyLawrie J. CadzowJohn J. CahillGeorge A. CairnesHarry M. CairnesAlbert G. CairnsJack CairnsR. Max CalderRobert J. CaldwellHenry CaleyAndrew E. CallowAuburn D. CallowNathaniel I. CallowLeslie J. CalvertFrank G. CalwayFred A. CalwayLen. S. CalwayAlex. CameronDonald McK. CameronJohn CameronJohn H. CameronNorman CameronWalter S. CameronAllan Campbell (1)Allan Campbell (2)Cyril CampbellGordon CampbellHugh CampbellJames CampbellJames W. CampbellJohn H. CampbellJoseph F. CampbellThomas A. CampbellWilliam CampbellWilliam B. CampbellGeorge M. CampionJoseph CannaneEdwin J. CannonLilian CannonJohn CappJ. Leslie CareyRobert A. CarlingErnest S. CarlyonArthur CarmichaelNorman C. CarmichaelDavid CarpenterStanley CarpenterLeslie J. CarrWilliam P. CarrickHorace L. CarrollMark A. CarrollThomas H. CarrollThomas P. CarrollWilliam H. CarrollCecil H. CarterReginald CarterBenjamin CartledgeHenry CartledgeJohn CartledgeLeslie A. CartledgeMerlin CartledgeC. A. CarvossoJohn R. CaseyDennis CassWilliam H. CausonPercy G. ChalmersStanley ChambersHenry J. ChamierClarence R. ChampionEdward ChampionStanley J. C. ChampionVictor A. ChanArthur ChandlerRobert H. ChandlerWilliam W. ChaplinRobert H. ChapmanSydney A. ChapmanEdward H. CharlesJoseph CharlesRobert W. CharlesJohn CharvilleGilbert J. ChegwiddenCharles J. CherryPauline CherryA. ChibnallWalter ChibnallE. ChinneryAlexander ChisholmArchie ChisholmDonald ChisholmEdgar ChisholmJames ChisholmNorman ChisholmLeslie W. E. ClaphamAllan ClarkAndrew Clark (1)Harry B. ClarkHenry ClarkJohn Clark (1)John Clark (2)Reginald B. ClarkRobert J. ClarkStanley P. ClarkWilliam H. ClarkA. R. ClarkeAlfred ClarkeAlfred E. ClarkeAubrey H. ClarkeC. E. ClarkeErnest ClarkeFrank ClarkeHarold ClarkeThomas A. ClarkeThomas C. ClarkeWilliam H. ClarkeWilliam J. ClarkeWilliam R. F. Clarke Eric W. ClarksonHugh C. ClarksonChas. H. ClavertWilliam P. ClearyAllen T. CleggHarry ClennellLeslie A. CleverleyFredk. R. ClewGerald CliffordHector N. CloseLeslie G. CloseStanley R. CloseWilliam N. CloseF. W. ClotzJames S. CloudsdaleJon O. CloughSydney C. CluesEllis ClugstonHenry P. ClugstonCedric A. ClutterbuckEric E. D’A. ClutterbuckWolfrey H. ClutterbuckAlbert E. CoatesOliver CoatesWilliam CoatesLyle W. CochraneStanley CochraneStanley J. CochraneWilliam P. CochraneJames A. CockHector L. CockburnThomas CockerallWilliam CockerallLeonard C. CockroftArthur H. CocksWm. CocksBertie J. CoffeyErnest I. R. CoffeyJames Coghill Kevin J. Coghlan William M. CoghlanJoseph H. CohenCharles E. Coldwell-SmithFrederick L. Coldwell-SmithEdward O. ColePeter H. ColeThomas ColeHenry F. ColemanCharles N. L. ColesSydney ColesThomas J. CollierArthur C. CollinsArthur. J. CollinsErnest J. CollinsFrank A. CollinsHerbert A. CollinsMartin CollinsMichael CollinsArthur ColliverAlbert ColmanHenry W. ColthurstC. Stanley ColtmanPercy E. ColtmanRobert H. CommonsWilliam J. T. CommonsAlexander N. ComrieHugh M. ConranClarence W. ConstableJames P. ConwayCecil A. CookWilliam I. CookAlex. M. CookeArthur W. CookeFrank O. CookeJohn P. H. CookeErnest A. CoombesHarry L. CoombesBertie CooperErnest G. CooperFrederick A. CooperGeorge W. CooperLeonard CooperRay CooperThomas CooperChas. J. CopeFred F. CopeGeorge E. CopeArthur CopperwaiteThomas CopperwaiteWilliam S. CoppinJohn R. CorbetRobert J. CorbettArthur CorkerGeorge CorkerRaymond F. Cormack Harold G. Cornell Osborne CornellRichard CornishRichard C. CornishHerbert J. CostelloEdgar CostelloeCharles L. CoulsonOswald H. CoulsonEric E. CoulterGraham CoulterJason L. CoulterLeslie CoulterCharles A. CourtneyThomas CousinsCharles C. CouttsRoy W. CouttsJoseph CowanWilliam F. CowanAlbert C. CowardFrederick T. CowardLeslie CowardHugh CowdellCharles A. N. CowellGeorge CowellRobert CowleyThos. W. CowleyClarence M. CoxClarence M. M. CoxErnest H. CoxHoward S. CoxJohn McM. CoxNorman McM. CoxWilliam C. CoxonRoy R. CraddockJohn P. CragoDonald V. CraigEdwin A. CraigThomas CraigGeorge E. CravenNorman CravenErnest J. CravinoSamuel M. CrawfordVirgil CreateAlbert G. CreesCharles E. CreesRobert E. CreesC. H. CresswellGeorge CrickEustace H. CrockerFrederick CrockerGordon CrockerWilliam H. CrockfordCharles W. CroftWilliam J. CroftG. H. CromptonGeorge F. CropleyW. Gordon CrosbieWilliam G. CrosbieJack CrossLeslie J. CrossleyWilliam J. CrotonAllan CrouchHarold CrouchWallace R. CrouchHarold CrowtherC. H. CruickshankJohn B. CrumpJohn H. CulpinM. J. F. CumminsCharles CunninghamIsabel CurnowLeonard J. CurnowPercival CurnowThomas CurnowArthur H. Curwen-WalkerJohn Curwen-WalkerBryan J. CuthbertPercival F. C. CutterJoseph E. CuttsWilfred Cutts
Norman D’AngriJoseph D’ArcyWilliam D’ArcyGeorge R. DaggettHarry W. DaggettAugustin DakinErnest A. DakinJoseph E. DakinAlfred G. DaleFrank J. DaleJack DaleRobert A. DaleGeorge DalgleishFrederick W. DallyNorman A. DaltonEdward J. DalyJ. DalyJ. F. G. DalyJ. Thomas DalyWilliam R. DalyWilliam W. DalyF. W. DalzellW. G. DalzellPaul G. DaneNorman L. DanielsErnest DarkAlfred DarlingJ. W. DarlingReuben G. DarlingRobert S. DarlingAlbert DaveyErnest DaveyFrederick DaveyFrederick R. DaveyGeorge Davey (1)George R. DaveyJack T. DaveySamuel DaveyEthel I. DavidsonJohn Davidson (1)John Davidson (2)Charles E. DaviesColin J. DaviesDave L. DaviesFrank DaviesFrank L. DaviesGordon H. DaviesHarold W. DaviesJ. Evan DaviesJoseph DaviesOtto DaviesPercival H. DaviesPhillip J. DaviesWilliam H. DaviesWilliam S. DaviesAlfred J. DavisCharles A. DavisDavid H. DavisEdward H. F. DavisEdward P. DavisErnest A. DavisFrancis G. DavisFrank DavisFrank H. DavisGordon DavisHerbert A. DavisJames DavisJohn H. DavisThomas W. DavisTimothy DavisWilliam DavisE. DawEdward M. DawL. E. DawLeo S. DawW. DawEllis C. H. DawberHerbert W. DawePercival S. DawePercy DaweFrank E. DawsonHarry J. DawsonWalter DawsonBenjamin H. DayDavid L. DayGarnet R. DayGilbert L. DayHarry A. DayJohn H. DayLeslie C. DaySpencer F. DayWilliam J. DayFrancis S. DeanR. H. S. DeanSamuel E. A. DeanAngus DeardenC. Lane DeBoosArthur V. DeebieEdward P. DeeryHenry C. DeGraaffE. J. DelaneyArthur G. DellTrafford O. DellHenry A. DellerWilliam DennisWalter S. DentJohn P. DesmondRobert D. DesmondJames J. DeutchmanDavid DewarBertram H. DewhurstGeorge DialJ. J. T. DialStanley DickFrank W. DickinsonRobert DicksonClarence P. DillonEdward A. DingleFrank P. DingleErnest DingwellThomas J. DinsdaleCharles DisneyErnest E. DixArthur A. DixonCharles H. DixonHarold T. W. DixonHenry J. DixonJohn F. DixonRobert DixonStanley R. DixonLeslie DoblieHenry DobsonRobert J. DobsonTelford DobsonEdward C. DoepelWilliam E. DohertyPercy R. DonaldCharles DonaldsonEdmund DonnellyMichael F. DonnellyAnnie D. DorringtonEdgar A. DorringtonJames DorringtonGeorge DouglasHarold DouglasRose DouglasWilliam F. DouglasGeorge H. DouglassG. W. DowJames G. DowWilliam DowAlex. DowieJack DowieAlexander R. W. DowlerDavid A. DowningWm. F. C. DowningA. Henry DowsingGeorge DowsonJohn DoyleMichael DoyleMorris DoylePatrick DoyleHenry H. DraperThomas DraperFrank H. DrewAlex. P. H. DrummondDavid DrummondHenry DrummondJohn M. DrummondPeter DrummondFrederick G. DruryFrancis E. A. DugganPatrick DugganAlfred T. DukeFrank DukeErnest H. DuncanKenneth D. DuncanAlfred J. DunnEustace A. DunnHarry H. DunnR. Macleod DunnTessa DunnAlfred David Dunstan (1891-1925)James Gullan Dunstan (1897-1982)John Sickler Dunstan (1890-?)Stanley Dunstan (1890-1945)Thomas Stephens Dunstan (1898-?)William Dunstan (1895-1957)William Dunstan (1896-?)William Alexander Dunstan (1886-1973)William P. DurantC. T. Leo DwyerCharles K. DwyerGeorge DwyerChristopher DyerVictor L. DyerEdgar A. DyringHugh Dyring
James A. EadyArthur EalesEdward EasonOwen W. EasonWilliam EastlakeConrad G. EastonJohn R. EatonStanley M. EbblesErnest L. EbsworthyJohn N. EddySamuel EddySamuel P. EddyWilliam C. EddyJames F. EdgellAlf EdmendsWilliam H. EdmendsAlbert EdmondsEdwin G. EdmondsJohn R. EdmondsWilliam E. EdsallAlbert H. EdwardGeorge S. EdwardAlexander D. EdwardsAllan EdwardsEdward EdwardsEric S. EdwardsFrancis T. EdwardsFrederick EdwardsGeorge EdwardsHarold EdwardsHenry R. EdwardsHorace W. EdwardsJoseph B. EdwardsPercy J. EdwardsWilliam EdwardsHarold F. P. EggingtonHenry T. EggingtonWilliam G. EggingtonThomas E. EllefsenJack ElleryJack EllierLeslie A. P. EllingsenHarry EllingsonAlbert E. ElliottCharles C. ElliottColin C. ElliottThomas ElliottVincent J. ElliottArthur R. EllisCharles C. EllisEdward J. EllisEdwd. EllisFred C. EllisGeorge EllisJames EllisJohn EllisLawrence EllisWilliam EllisG. W. ElsworthHenry A. ElsworthPercy L. ElsworthGeorge EltringhamWilliam EmmersonEdward J. EppingstallThomas EustaceReginald J. EvaAlf. EvansCharles O. EvansCyril V. EvansHenry J. EvansJames H. EvansStan. D. EvansWilliam W. EvansAlbert A. EverallEric J. EwartHarold T. EwartRoy EwartArthur E. EyckensLeon H. EyckensWilliam EyckensSydney E. Eyres
Allan FallaClifford FallaM. Claude FallaHarold D. FarckensJack E. FarckensRobert V. FarckensWilliam J. FargherAllan B. FarrarArthur FarrarJames M. FawcettLeslie A. FeatherstonRalph S. FeatherstoneRichard S. FeatherstoneStanley E. FeatherstoneJohn FennottiAlexander FergusonArthur E. FergusonFred J. FergusonHarold N. FergusonNelson FergusonRobert H. FergusonWm. G. FergusonArthur E. FieldsHerbert W. FinchLoyal H. FinchReginald A. FinchCharles FindlayArthur W. FinlaysonT. Claude FinlaysonWilliam T. FinnClair FinnisGeorge R. FinnisWilliam I. FinnisFrank FiscaliniDavid FisherEdward T. FisherIvo L. FishwickJack T. FishwickR. Garfield FishwickSeptimus C. FishwickA. C. FiskenWalter H. FitridgeAlbert V. FitzgeraldLindsay C. FitzgeraldCyril J. FitzpatrickJohn W. FitzsimmonsHerbert FlackPhillip FlackJames J. FlanaganThomas J. FlanaganEdward E. FlemingGordon E. FlockartFrank FloodJames P. FlynnJames V. FlynnPatrick P. FlynnPhillip M. FoleyHerbert G. FooteIsaac FooteThomas FooteGeorge E. S. FordArthur N. FosterCreade A. FosterFrancis R. FosterPercy FowlerGeorge J. FoxJoseph J. FoxStanley T. FoxWilliam FoxGeorge FramptonPercy C. FrankCharles J. FranksRobert FranksD. G. FraserEric B. FraserJ. George FraserJohn W. FraserPatrick J. FraserClifford FreemanJohn FreemanLeslie FreemanAlbert E. FreestoneFred. H. FrickePercival T. FrickerThomas G. FrickerCharles W. FrostRoland H. FryStanley J. FryWilliam FryRoy FullerHarold FurlongDorothea FurnessLeslie J. Furness
Allan F. H. GabrielArthur R. GabrielThomas W. GabrielH. Raymond GallagherMartin GallagherFrank J. GalvinThomas C. GalvinJohn P. GarberyHenry GarbettJohn H. GarbuttThomas GardinerJohn J. McB. GardnerCliff. E. GarrardJohn P. GarveyWilliam GasonArthur GatesGeorge A. GatesStanley C. GatesWilliam H. GatesJohn F. GaudyJoseph M. GavinJames W. GayWalter M. GayWilliam R. GayJohn F. GearArthur J. GearyJames A. GeddesRobert H. GeddesSamuel J. GeddesStanley GedlingHorace GentJoseph GentG. Arthur GeorgeNorman L. GeorgeThomas W. GerrittAlbert GessellJohn R. GibbsHugh F. GibsonJ. J. GibsonArchibald GilbertGeorge S. GilbertJohn H. L. GilbertVictor GilbertWalter GilbertWilliam GilbertWilliam E. GilbertEdgar GilhooleyJames H. GilhooleyCharles GillespieJoseph GillespieNeil J. GillespieJohn GilliganWilliam R. GilliganAnthony S. GilpinJohn F. GingellWilliam J. GingellLeslie H. GippCharles GistCharles J. GitshamJames GitshamThomas L. GitshamCharles R. GladmanM. GladysWilliam G. GlasfordRichard GlassonWilliam Josiah Glasson (1893-1962)Harry GleeAdam W. GloverT. GloverJohn GluyasMichael T. GlynnJohn W. GoadWillam GobleCharles H. GoddardJames T. GoddardGeorge GoddardsWilliam GoldbyStanley E. GoldsmithMatthew T. GoodallAlex. GoodgameA. GoodlettHerbert GoodlettJoseph H. GoodwinAlbert V. GordonCharles GordonClarence A. GordonHarold GordonHubert C. GordonJames GordonSamuel G. GordonWilliam G. GordonAlbert GoudeyJohn S. GowerFrancis P. GradyFrederick GrahamJames J. GrahamAlex. GraingerJ. M. GraingerWilliam J. GraingerAlfred GranlandHerbert GranlandWalter GranlandWilliam GranlandA. W. GrantGeorge GrantJames McP. GrantNeil GrantReginald A. GrantAlbert E. GrayAlbert R. GrayC. GreenThomas GreenWalter G. A. GreenJames GreenbankHerbert S. GreeningJoshua GreeningGeorge J. GreenshieldsCharles GreenwayA. Leslie M. GreenwoodHerbert G. GreenwoodJohn Robert Francis Gregan** • Thomas Richard GreganEdward GrenfellEdwin C. GrenfellJohn R. GrenfellClifford T. GrevilleCyril P. GrevilleCharles H. GribbleErnest J. GribbleFrederick W. GribbleSylvia GribbleLeslie GriffinRichard L. GriffinThomas GriffinJohn GriffinsWilliam E. GriffithsArthur GrigsbyLeslie J. GrigsbySamuel GrimblatThomas W. GrimesJ. Len. GroatJoseph GrosePercy C. GroseStanley N. W. GroseJack GrossAlex. G. GroveWilliam C. GrovesM. K. GullanGladstone C. GummowJoseph GummowCharles E. GunnEdward Gunn Thomas T. GunnWilliam G. GunnClifford C. GuppyCecil J. Guy
Gilbert S. HainingJohn HaleyWilliam H. HaleyStanley G. HalfordAlbert HallAlice M. HallFrancis C. HallHarold E. R. HallHenry HallJ. Kenworthy HallLeonard W. HallLeslie HallLeslie C. HallThomas G. HallWilliam L. HallClyffe R. R. HallettDavid N. HallidayStanley R. HallidayWilliam A. HallidayJohn HalliganAlf. T. HalseHarold E. HalseHerbert L. HalseJohn HalseThomas H. HalseHarold J. HalsonHenry Gilbert HalstedJames HalveyJohn HalveyThomas HalveyHarold A. HamblyRobert R. HamiltonWilliam HamiltonWilliam H. HamiltonWilliam N. HamiltonP. Leslie HammerH. Telford HammonNorman C. HammonAlfred W. HammondJames P. HammondRobert H. HammondOswald H. HandNorman M. HankinW. F. HanlonGeorge J. HannahRobert HannahCarl HansenRasmus HansenWilliam HansonUnchall J. HarbourneMichael J. HarboururFrank HardingCharles E. HardmanC. H. W. HardyCharles H. HareHenry N. HareAlbert HarrisAlfred HarrisAndrew S. HarrisCharles HarrisFrederick Harris (1)Frederick Harris (2)George A. HarrisHerman HarrisHoward HarrisJack HarrisJohn HarrisJohn E. HarrisOswald R. HarrisRoy H. HarrisThomas Harris Ernest G. HarrisonJack HarrisonJames HarrisonJohn L. HarrisonLeonard J. M. HarrisonStuart J. HarrisonVernon F. HarrisonWilliam A. HarrisonC. Herbert HarropJ. Gordon HarropRupert M. HarropJames R. HarryWilliam L. HarryHorace A. HartHoratio HartJames A. HartThomas A. HartWilliam F. HartA. E. HartnellEdgar R. HarveyEdwin HarveyJ. HastieEdward T. HauserEdwin W. HauserFrederick B. HauserGeorge E. HawkerEdward HawkinsGeorge HayRoss HayWalter V. HayJames J. HaydenRobert HaydenAlbert HayesAndrew HayesHerbert W. HayesRobert E. HayesReginald E. HayhoeArthur S. HeadlamJ. Slade HeadlamFrederick H. HeardGeorge T. HearnLawrence J. HearnWalter R. HearnWilliam S. HearneH. Henry HeathHerbert S. HeathStanley A. HeathcoteFrederick G. HebbWilliam J. HehirChris. HeintzBenjamin F. HeinzeNorman S. HellardA. N. HendersonAlex. H. HendersonAustin G. HendersonCharles HendersonClaud HendersonErnest A. HendersonJames HendersonJohn L. HendersonJohn W. HendersonFred HendyFrederick HepworthClifford HerbertFrank T. HerbertPercy HerbertArnold G. HermanFrank HermanRobert HessionClement J. HewettReginald S. HewettJohn E. F. HewittLeo A. HewittThomas HewittJ. Henry HibbinsCharles D. HickFrank HickeyJames D. HickeyArthur HicksArthur W. HicksH. L. HicksWallace HicksWilliam G. HicksAlbert W. HiddleRobert H. HiddleDavid A. HigginsThomas J. HigginsAlbert C. HillArthur J. HillArthur R. HillColin R. HillErnest P. HillFrancis H. HillHarry O. HillRoland HillT. Rowland HillThomas C. HillAlfred HillierFrederick E. HillmanHenry J. HindReg. A. HindNorman T. HiscockReg. A. HiscockJohn H. HivesDaniel J. HobanHenry A. HobbaVictor A. HobbaEdward Hocking (1)Edward Hocking (2)James H. HockingJohn HodgesPeter J. HodgettsJames S. HoggRobert J. HoggGeorge R. HoldenJohn L. HoldheadEdward HolgateHarry S. HolgatePeter HolianHenry HolioakePercy HolliokeCharles P. HollowayPercy HollowayAlfred H. HolmesGeorge HolmesGeorge R. HolmesTheodore T. HolmesArnold HolstF. Giffen HolstJohn HolstJohn W. HoltWilliam A. HolthamAlfred H. HomerAlbert H. HonEdward D. HongE. W. J. HookerFrederick A. HookerJohn HooleyReuben H. HooleyMorgan HopkinsCecil HopperClarence Ephraim Horgan (1896-1970)John Thomas Horgan (1896-1964)John William George Horgan (1894-1918)Robert James Horgan (1890-1942)William J. HormanRupert V. HorsfallF. HorsleyArthur J. L. HortonClement A. HoskinHenry D. HoskinHerbert HoskingJohn HoskingAlbert A. HowardStanley L. HowardLaura HowarthEdwin J. HowellErnest B. HowellHarry HowellThomas HowellSydney R. HubbardHarold HudsonGeorge R. V. HugginsHarold L. HugginsRoy HugginsAlbert H. HughesArthur HughesArthur W. HughesGeorge A. C. HughesHerbert L. HughesJack R. HughesJohn HughesThomas HughesThomas R. HughesVictor L. HughesW. S. M. HumeEdward HumphreyJohn W. HumphreysStanley E. HumphreysW. H. HumphreysJohn T. HumphriesW. R. HumphriesBert. HunkinFrancis B. HuntThomas W. HuntAlexander E. HunterGeorge M. HunterJames William Hunter (1896-1950)Leslie G. HunterThomas HunterWilliam R. HunterH. Leopold HurleyJ. Cromwell HurleyLeslie E. HurleyThomas E. V. HurleyEric V. HurstFred J. HurstSydney J. HustwaiteGordon J. HutchinsJames HutchinsonReg. G. HutsonArthur E. HynesTerence R. Hynes
David JackaAlfred C. H. JacksonRichard JacksonSamuel J. JacksonWilfred JacksonWilfred O. JacksonAndrew A. JamesG. Everett JamesHerbert J. JamesJohn C. JamesJohn P. JamesMelville C. JamesPercival E. JamesPercy JamesT. Grenville JamesRoy JamiesonCarl JanssenErnek JanssenJohn D. JarmanPeter A. JarvieW. H. JarvieArthur E. JarvisGeorge S. T. JarvisCecil D. JeffreyCecil H. T. JeffreyV. JekeJohn E. JelbartGeorge A. JenkinRees J. JenkinsRichard L. JenkinsV. C. JennensH. A. JenningsHarry JerramLeonard R. JerramReginald F. JerramDavid E. JerrardGilbert George Jewkes (1892-1964)Wallace Spencer Jewkes (1895-1961)Albert E. JohnsonArch. S. JohnsonCharles L. JohnsonHarry JohnsonT. Dudley JohnsonW. H. JohnsonWalter G. JohnsonWilliam A. Johnson (1)William A. Johnson (2)Charles W. JohnstonDonald JohnstonGeorge W. JohnstonAlbert T. JollyClarence W. JollyErnest W. JollyGeorge H. JollyHenry J. JollyJames JollyPeter Mc. JollyVictor J. JollyWilliam JollyAlan I. JonesAlbert C. JonesAlfred R. JonesDavid JonesEbenezer JonesEdward JonesEdward M. JonesErnest G. JonesGeorge JonesGerald JonesH. M. JonesHavelock JonesHenry G. JonesJohn E. JonesPercival D. JonesRhys JonesRobert W. JonesStanley T. JonesT. C. JonesThomas JonesThomas T. JonesWilliam JonesWilliam E. JonesWilliam M. JonesJohn JordanFrank L. JuddThomas JuddDavid H. JudeWilliam C. JulerRuby Just
John B. KahleArthur KaneGunner KarlstromMatthew O. KauffmanJames KayJohn KayThomas KayNellie A. KeaneThomas O. KeanePercy V. E. KeastErnest J. KebbyCharles KeenHarry KeenA. E. KeherAnton KeihlRoy KeirlWilliam Carnegie KeithJohn J. KellegherAlbert A. KellyJohn F. KellyLeslie A. O. KellyPhillip J. KellyRobert KellySydney KellyThomas KellyA. Gordon KelsallCharles P. KelsallJohn F. KelsallLeslie A. KempPercival A. P. KempRobert KenAlexander KennedyFrank J. KennedyJoseph M. KennedyJoseph P. KennedyWilliam KennedyDavid KentHenry W. KentRoy KentArthur S. KenworthyEdwin J. T. KerbyMack J. M. KerbyNoble V. C. KerbyNorman V. G. KerbyRaymond F. KerbyRoyal R. KerbyJames KerfordAlbert E. KernickJohn A. KernickSamuel E. KernickArchibald KerrG. H. KerrHenry KerrIsaac D. KerrJack KerrJohn O. KerrJohn W. KerrO. J. KerrRobert KerrRobert M. KerrW. J. G. KerryAlbert S. KettsHarold M. KettsAlbert E. KewleyEdward B. KewleyFrederick H. KewleyJohn KeyHenry A. KeyntonHerbert KiangGeorge A. A. KibbyHerbert R. R. KibbyLionel G. KibbyArthur E. KielFrancis E. KielWilliam E. KielWilliam L. KielCharles R. KiftWilliam KihangArchibald J. KilfoyleJames KilfoyleRobert W. KilgourMary KilleenEdgar J. KimberleyLeslie M. KinaneJames E. KincadeRichard KincadeThomas J. KincadeLawrence P. KindahlArthur A. KingDavid KingHarold KingKenneth R. L. KingLewis T. KingWallace D. KingWilliam J. C. KingJoseph H. KinnaneWilliam J. KinnersleyRoy J. KinsmanStanley H. KinsmanWilliam J. KislerJohn KitchenRobert H. KitchenStanley KitchenSpencer J. KittletyGeorge KlugEdward W. KnightEthel M. KnightJohn J. KnightL. F. KnightSamuel KnightGeorge T. KnowJames KnowlesErnest H. KopkeRoss KopkePercy KrausgrillThomas W. KryggerGeorge KyddRoy M. KyddWalter KyddLeonard G. C. KyleRoy A. Kyle
Albert H. LacyStanley LacyCharles C. LadnerW. L. LaffeyWilliam LahertyThos. V. LakelandWilliam J. Lakeland John LambLeslie C. LambertLionel LambertArthur R. LamontFrank LamontFrederick W. LamontJack LamontRobert A. LandWilliam LangHarold D. LanhamFred W. LarkinJohn H. LarkinWilliam L. LarkinFred J. LarterHarold LarterGeorge H. LavarsJohn H. LavarsGeorge LaverickRobert W. LaverickLeslie N. LavertyBert LawRobert S. LawlessAllen R. LawrieWilliam G. LawrieGeorge B. LawryRobert H. LawsonJulius S. LazarusCharles B. LeaErnest V. LeachLeslie J. LeachWilliam M. LeachEdward J. LeeFrank E. LeeThomas LeeWilliam J. LeeAnnie B. Lee-BrownOlive Lee-BrownSamuel M. LeeceRoy A. LeechStanley R. LeechWilliam LeechWilliam M. LeechHarry L. LeedonLewis H. LeidleArthur G. LeighVictor L. LeighWalter J. LeighNelila LeitchArthur J. LeithGeorge LemkeAlbert E. LeppArthur N. LeppClarence R. LeppJames E. LeppReginald C. LeppV. S. LeppA. J. LetcherJohn G. LetcherFrancis D. LeverGeorge LeverettWilliam H. T. LewellAlbert LewisAlbert T. LewisHenry LewisHerbert LewisJohn T. LewisRobert LewisThomas LewisErnest A. LiddellHamilton LiddiardArthur M. LilburneFrank LillesThomas G. LillesErnest LindsayIsaac C. LindsayJ. Stanley LindsayWilliam LindsayGeorge LindseyRobert J. LindseyRobert LinekerHarry T. LinghamHenry F. R. LinsdellCharles LippiattRobert W. LissonWilliam H. LitchfieldRobert LittleWilliam H. LittleDaisy M. LlewellynEric E. LlewellynL. Cedric LlewellynAlexander LloydFrank A. LloydGeorge W. LloydAngus G. LoaderC. S. LoaderGeorge A. LoaderW. J. LoatesAlbert T. LoatsRoy M. LockettStanley H. LockettRichard J. LondonHedley LongJames LongTim. LongClifford LonghurstFrederick H. LongstaffJohn E. LordWilliam R. LoresiniRoy LotonDavid A. LoudenJames D. LoveringWilliam DeF. LovettAndrew A. LowdenErnest R. LoweWilliam E. LoweCharles E. LucasHarry LucasHorace S. LucasJames LucasHerbert LuckwaldFrancis J. LudbrookHerbert C. LudbrookJ. G. LudbrookJoseph J. LuggRobert G. LuggStanley LuggWilliam T. LuggHarry LukeRichard LukeThomas J. A. LukeWilliam H. LukeJames LumsdenJohn W. LumsdenC. R. LunnonPhillip H. LuplauArnold L. LusherHenry G. LusherJames F. LynchSamuel A. LynchCornelius LyonsHerbert A. LyonsJ. G. LyonsJames E. LyonsRoy LyonsFrancis W. LythgoJohn J. LythgoRichard M. Lythgo
Lisette MacdonaldRobert MacdonaldNeil MacDonaldDan MackayDaniel G. MackayDavid MackayKenneth M. MackayLily MacKenzieKenneth A. MacleodA. S. M. MacPhersonWilliam MaddenDavid R. MaddernHarry E. MaddernJohn V. MaddernWalter MaddernJohn MadeleyArthur MagillStanley MagrathFrederick W. MaherJohn MaherThomas R. MaherForsythe McM. MainGeorge MalcolmNorman MalcolmWilliam MalcolmLeslie J. MalinFrancis H. M. MalonePatrick J. E. MaloneLeonard MaloneyLeslie MaloneyMichael W. MaloneyWilliam MaloneyReginald L. MalyneuxCharles A. MannEdward MannFrancis C. MannR. MannW. D. MannWilliam MannEdward J. MannionGeorge R. MansfieldEdwin G. MarinWarren H. MarinDavid K. MarkHerbert C. MarksArthur H. MarsConrad MarsStanley MarsE. R. MarshJ. Fred MarshTreve A. MarshEvan MarshallHarold MarshallJ. Field MarshallJohn T. MarshallReginald P. MarshallRoy R. MarshallWilliam MarshallWilliam E. MarshallArchie MarstinEdward MarstinJames W. MarstinAngus MarstonH. H. F. MartellDouglas F. MartinEdwin P. MartinElgin T. MartinFrederick L. MartinGus MartinJohn MartinRoy MartinSamuel A. MartinErnest J. MartlandLeslie C. MartlandBob. MarxsenBertie MasonFrederick W. MasonNorman H. MasonStanley A. MasonFrancis R. MatherJack MatherJack MathesonWilliam H. MathesonRichard A. MatthewHarry MatthewsLeslie W. MatthewsMartin MatthewsMay MatthewsBruce MaudeRichard MaxwellF. C. MayallAlbert E. MayorErnest MaywoodWilliam MaywoodAlfred K. McBainW. Herbert McBainAustin McCallumClement W. McCallumArthur W. McCannCecil J. McCannEdgar M. M. McCannWilliam A. McCareyCharles P. McCarthyHenry A. McCarthyJames McCarthyLeslie McCarthyT. H. McCarthyLeslie McCartneyThos. McCartneyEdward McCartyTom McCartyWilliam A. McCleaveAlf. R. McConnellCyril S. McCookEdward J. McCormackJ. J. McCormackJames McCormackJ. McCraeWilliam McCubbinJohn McDiarmidWilliam C. McDiarmidAngus McDonaldCecil McDonaldDonald Henry McDonaldHorace D. McDonaldIsaac McDonaldJohn McDonaldL. Roy McDonaldLeslie G. McDonaldRichard McDonaldRonald McDonaldJack McDougallJohn W. McDougallEdward McDuffErnest E. McDuffFrederick L. McFadgeonJohn McFadyenArthur J. McGannCharles J. McGannGeorge McGeeVivian McGeeAlex. A. McGoldrickD. Charles McGrathDavid McGrathEdward McGrathWilliam McGrathHugh McL. McGrechinAngus McGregorBob McGregorCharles R. McGregorFrank R. McGregorJames McGregorJohn A. C. McGregorJohn D. McGregorLaurie McGregorMalcolm McGregorRob. McGregorStanley B. McGregorWilliam McGregorThomas W. McGrowtherThomas J. McGuirePatrick McInernyDuncan McInnesHarry McIntoshHenry J. S. McIntoshJack McIntoshNorman F. McIntoshAlex. McIntyreAndrew McIntyreHerbert M. McIntyreRupert J. McIntyreCharles G. McIverKenneth S. McIverS. Sinclair McIverDonald McKayJack McKayJames L. McKayRobert McKayWilliam J. McKennaAlbert W. F. McKenzieHarold McKenzieJames H. A. McKenziePercy McKenzieJohn Alexander McKinnonA. R. McLachlanW. M. McLachlanGeorge McLartyJohn McLennanKenneth McLennanRoy McLennanEffie McLeodEric L. McLeodErnest McLeodJames C. McLeodJohn McLeodMaurice L. McLeodStanley McLonieConnie McMahonFrank McMahonJames McMahonJohn McMahonThomas B. McManamnyAlbert McMillanDonald McMillanJohn C. McNabThomas F. McNamaraKenneth N. McNameeJames G. McNaughtonAlbert S. McPhersonAlick S. McPhersonArthur McPhersonArthur S. McPhersonAlex McRaeHerbert McTaggartKenneth McTaggartCyril L. MedleyOsmond G. B. MedleyRebecca MedwellJames W. MeehanPatrick MeehanEdward J. MellishAndrew D. MellorAndrew MelvilleCharles T. MerlinH. MerlinJohn T. MerlinFrank MerrettGeorge B. MerrifieldLeslie A. MertensGeorge P. MerzJohn MessengerWilliam MesserHarry MichellAlbert E. MiddletonRichard J. MiddletonCyril J. MilburnJohn J. MilburnDennis T. MilesMichael J. MilesEdmund J. MillarHenry MillarGeorge MillerH. Blake MillerPercy W. MillerThos. G. MillerV. E. MillingtonErnest MillistVictor J. MillsAustin H. MilneCarlos E. MinsterC. MitchellC. Roy MitchellClive MitchellEdward G. MitchellEdwin MitchellElliote MitchellF. Allen MitchellFrank MitchellMary M. MitchellNeil MitchellReuben MitchellRichard T. MitchellWalter T. MitchellWilliam MitchellC. Leslie MollardWilliam F. MoncrieffAlbert MongGerald L. MonoghanLeslie E. MontagueWalter MonteithHenry A. MoodieJ. A. MoodieJohn T. MoodieWilfred S. R. MoodiePhilip W. G. E. MoonWillam E. MoonAlf. E. MooreCharles W. MooreClement MooreDavid MooreIna MooreJoseph MooreRalph Ingram MooreAlbert MorganAubrey MorganJames P. MorganPercy MorganRobert G. MorganW. E. L. MorganRobert B. MorhanPercival MorledgeArthur O. MorrellGeorge H. MorrellGordon F. MorrellCharles MorrisCharles F. MorrisEdward G. MorrisJames A. MorrisSamuel MorrisEric M. MorrisonErnest MorrisonJames MorrisonJames L. MorrisonKenneth W. MorrisonJack MorrisseyJames A. MorrisseyWilliam G. MorrisseyAndrew D. MorrowHugh G. MorrowMary Larkan MorrowErnest D. MorsheadHenry H. MorsheadLeslie MorsheadArthur E. MortonEric R. MortonGeorge F. MortonThomas J MortonWilliam S. MortonH. MoselyKenneth MossJohn W. MossfieldStanley MossopCollard MottFisher MounseyGeorge R. MounseyJack MounseyLewis C. MudieStanley R. MudieDavid M. MuirEric A. MuirCharles H. MullardWilliam MullardAlfred W. MullerJohn C. MullerGertrude E. MunroWilliam MunroWilliam M. MuntzCharles E. MurfettGeorge R. MurfettHarry MurfettWilliam J. MurnaneAlfred J. MurphyBertram E. N. MurphyFrancis J. MurphyGeoff. A. N. MurphyJohn S. MurphyPercy E. N. MurphyPercy J. MurphyPeter J. MurphyRobert L. S. MurphyBert. MurrayCharles W. MurrayEdward J. MurrayFrancis H. MurrayPhilip R. MurrayR. J. MurrayRobert C. MurrayWalter R. MurrayWilliam MurrayWilliam H. MurrayIsaac MyersJohn Myers
John G. PageWilliam M. PageStephen J. PaineWilliam PaisleyJohn C. PalethorpeArchibald PalmerCyril J. PalmerHarrie J. PalmerRoy ParkDuncan S. ParkerFrancis H. ParkerHerbert H. ParkerIvo R. ParkerJohn ParkerPercy G. ParkerJohn S. ParkesJames H. ParkinRoy H. ParkinAlbert G. M. ParkinsonClarence G. ParkinsonGeorge W. ParkinsonHenry E. ParkinsonLouis M. ParrattChris ParrotErnest ParrotArchibald C. ParsonsEdwin G. ParsonsThomas J. PartingtonCharles G. PascoeCyril W. PascoeHerbert L. PascoeJohn PascoeStanley R. PascoeVictor A. PascoeJohn A. PatersonJoseph PatersonPen. PatersonWilliam J. PatersonThos. B. PattendenJames PattersonNorman H. PattersonZachariah PattersonJoseph PattieAlbert A. PauligHenry J. PauligStanley PauligEdmund C. PawsonAllan PayneWilliam J. PayneWilliam J. PeacockArchibald T. PeadyBeatrice PeadyHerbert J. C. PeadyInez PeadyJoseph R. PeadyHarrie E. PearceJ. W. PearceJames V. PearceJohn Pearce (1)John Pearce (2)Tom. G. PearceWilliam B. Pearce (1)William B. Pearce (2)William B. Pearce (3)Frank J. PeartHarold R. PeartHerbert J. PeartR. W. PeartEdward J. PeasnellJames H. PeasnellHenry L. PendenAlfred PengellyFrederick PengellyHarry PengellyJames P. PengellyAlbert Henry Penhall (1892-?)Frederick Isiah Penhall (1888-1945)Frank J. K. PenhalluriackWm. S. PenhalluriackEdgar PennaFrederick PennaJoseph PeoplesFrederick PercyLionel R. PerkinsThomas J. PerkinsClarence S. PernonieAllan PerryFrank E. PerryThomas E. PerryWilliam G. PerryOwen PetersWilliam J. PetersHenry T. R. PettJohn A. PettAndre J. PhelanWilliam M. PhelanAlbert PhillipsCharles PhillipsCharles E. PhillipsFrank PhillipsHarry J. PhillipsJ. A. PhillipsJohn N. PhillipsJoseph F. PhillipsL. G. PhillipsOliver C. PhillipsSamuel I. PhillipsThomas W. PhillipsW. Claude PhillipsJ. E. A. PhillipsonW. J. PhillpsJames F. G. PicklesFrank PierceAlfred J. PillinerArthur J. PinneyFrederick J. PinneyHarry C. PinneyNorman E. PinneyWilliam PittardArthur D. PleydellAlbert J. PobjoyClifford PolkinghorneReginald PolkinghorneErnest PollardH. PollardFrank R. PollockJohn C. PollockWalter G. PollockWilliam PollockLeslie J. PooleArthur V. PorterRobert J. PorterAlfred H. PossinghamWilliam T. PotterJoseph H. PounderA. J. E. PowellDave PowellHarold J. PowellJames PowellPercy W. PowellClarence J. PowerFrank H. PowerJoseph PowerRachael PrattFrederick PreisigHerbert W. PrestonJ. W. PrestonErnest D. PridgeonEwie W. PridgeonAllan PrimroseLeslie PrimroseBertie PringRoy S. H. ProcterTheo. H. ProctorEdwin T. ProsserErnest A. ProutCecil A. L. ProvisEdward W. J. ProvisFrancis J. ProvisRobt. L. ProvisWilliam L. ProwseLouis P. PruntyWilliam B. PryorAlfred E. PunchJohn M. PunshonJack N. PurcellMatthew J. PurcellThomas F. PurcellJohn M. PurtellCharles R. Pyke
Leonard W. RadboneRobert RahillyCharles L. RaiffelJonathan RaineRussell A. RaineWalter J. RaineWilliam C. RaineJames RalstonHenry RamageJoseph W. RamageRodney RamageWallace W. RamageJames R. RamsayWilliam RandleWilliam RashleighCarl RasmussenFrederick E. RatcliffeHerbert J. RatcliffeFrederick RawlingsSydney RawlingsCharles ReakesJohn S. RedfernNorman J. RedfernA. J. RedmanArthur ReeceEdward J. ReedHarry ReedJames S. ReedLeslie R. S. ReedOswald R. ReedReginald G. ReedWilliam ReedWilliam J. ReedRichard W. ReesGeorge L. ReevesJessie ReevesCharles J. ReidGeorge W. ReidH. J. ReidLen. R. ReidReginald ReidStanley C. ReifelLouis C. ReiffelPercy J. RenfreeRichard RenfreeWalter RenkinRoy RestarickDavid RetallickArnold W. ReynoldsClifford E. ReynoldsGordon ReynoldsHerbert ReynoldsLeslie ReynoldsMervyn W. ReynoldsCharles E. RiceArnold RichHerbert RichA. RichardsAlbert RichardsArthur RichardsC. H. RichardsEdward RichardsGeorge RichardsGordon J. RichardsH. R. RichardsJas. T. RichardsJohn K. RichardsRichard W. RichardsRupert RichardsThomas E. RichardsWalter RichardsWalter S. RichardsH. A. RichardsonL. H. RichardsonTudor H. RichardsonEverett M. RickardWilliam E. RickardWilliam J. RidgwayLeslie P. RidgwellWilliam W. RileyHorace F. RintelSydney E. B. RipperArchibald W. RitchieWilliam L. RitchieAnnie R. RobertClarence R. RobertAlbert R. RobertsArthur RobertsDavid RobertsE. T. RobertsStanley G. RobertsArthur RobertsonD. Heath RobertsonDuncan RobertsonGeorge H. RobertsonGregor RobertsonJames RobertsonJohn C. RobertsonLeslie RobertsonLeslie J. RobertsonWilliam RobertsonBasil RobinEdgar RobinGeoffrey Ansell RobinMartin RobinWilliam RobinsAlexander B. RobinsonFay RobinsonFrank E. RobinsonRobert RobinsonStanley H. RobinsonThomas H. RobinsonWilliam RobinsonLeslie J. RobsonLeslie J. RobsonMichael R. RocheElouie RodgerMargaret RodgerRoy H. RodgerWilliam D. RodgerRobert RoffWilliam E. RoffAlbert B. RogersBertie RogersGeorge A. RogersHerbert RolfeFrederick G. RonaldsAdam L. RonaldsonFrank H. RonaldsonAlfred G. RooneyCharles R. RooneyJames RooneyAdolphus RoseJoseph T. RosendaleClarence RosenwarneGeorge L. G. RosewarneRupert J. RosewellBasil N. D. RossDavid A. RossDonald S. RossFrank C. RossHenry G. RossIvan J. RossJ. Lindsay RossJames D. RossRonald M. RossTulip RossWallace J. RossAmbrose E. RosserJohn RosserMark J. RosserT. RosserLeo RostronPatrick RouhanAlbert R. RoweErnest M. RoweFrederick RoweJohn R. A. RoweL. E. RoweLeslie RowePercy RoweReg. H. RoweRobert E. RoweSamuel RoweThomas H. RoweAlfred RowellWilliam RowettAlbert RowlandsJohn J. RowlandsL. E. RowlandsR. E. RowlandsThomas G. RowlandsErnest RowleyWilliam C. RowleyAlfred J. RowsellCharles W. RowsellHarold R. RowsellThomas L. RowsellThomas R. RumbleWilliam H. RumbleStuart A. K. RusdenHarry RussJohn A. RussJames E. RussellJohn A. RussellWalter J. RussellHiram RutherfordRussell A. RutherfordA. E. RyanFrank RyanJack RyanJames F. RyanJohn M. RyanJoseph F. RyanJoseph S. RyanThomas H. RyanThomas J. RyanWilliam Ryan
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Names Still to be Honoured


The following appear in the book Dinkum Oil: Letters Published in the Ballarat Courier During the Great War: Private Bert Smith – apprenticed as printer and linotypist, Baxter & Stubbs and linotype setter at The Courier; Corporal Dan Toohey – installing boilers in a mine at Eldorado for Thompson’s Foundry of Castlemaine; Private Harry Tuddenham – engine driver, Smythesdale; Sergeant-Major Horace Griffin – own tailoring business; Gunner Jack Clough - apprentice brick layer; Corporal ‘Dick’ Simpson – foundry of Ronaldson Brothers & Tippett; Sapper Milton Williamson – student at SMB; Sergeant Arthur Watson – Ballarat Motor Company; Private Vern Quick – butcher; Lieutenant Robert Clinton – mining engineer, former student SMB – member of Tunnelling Company in WWI; Private Ray McClymont – butcher after WWI; Corporal Dudley Mann – apprentice at Ronaldson and Tippett foundry, then went to WA until WWI; Signaller J. Harry Reid – writer for The Courier; Lieutenant William Rogers – wool classer at H. Rehfisch Private James Mann – Country Roads Board after WWI; Lieutenant George Stamp – leading hand mechanic, Ballarat East locomotive sheds; Corporal George Davey – fireman, Victorian Railways; Private Charlie Gitsham – Rowland’s Aerated Softdrink Factory; Captain Charles Duncan – Ballarat East Locomotive Sheds; Private Walter J. Harvey – writer for The Courier; Signaller Dick Mann – coach builder; Corporal ‘Dick’ Hustwaite – Victorian Railways; Private Rupert ‘Rube’ Gibson – after WWI, included time as ‘licensed drainer’ employed by local plumbers; Private Jack Parke – painter.[47]


Avenue of Honor Committee

The Avenue of Honor Committee met on 25 October 1917 to consider 'the report of a sub-committee appointed to consider the balance-sheet submitted at a previous meeting.' The chairperson for the meeting was Mr F. J. Martell. Also present were: Mr Price, Mr Coulthard, Sub-insp Nicholson, Mr H. Woodfine, Mr Borch, Mr R. Bickett, Mr Caldwell and Mr Young.[48]



The original plantings (mainly supplied from the City Council's nurseries[49]) included:

Alder Trees - - American Ash - - Black Italian Poplars - - Broadleaf Maple - - Canadian Giant Elms - - Chestnut Oak - - Deciduous Cypress - - English Ash - - English Maple - - Huntingdon Elms - - Lime Trees - - Lombardy Poplar - - Montana Dovei Elm - - Mountain Ash - - New Silver Poplars - - North American Maple - - Norway Maple - - Oaks (Sailors) - - Ontaria Poplars - - Oriental Planes - - Purple Leaf Elm - - Scarlet Oak - - Silver Birch - - Sugar Maple - - Tulip Trees

At the time of planting these selections were praised as appropriate choices, based upon experience that these sorts of trees did well in Ballarat 'proving free from insect or fungus disease, hardy, and long-lived'.[49] In only a matter of a few years, though, many of the species had failed and needed to be replaced.

At a time when the road was as yet unsealed, the choice of deciduous trees was a fundamental necessity - allowing the "sun and wind to dry the road".[50]

They laying out of the entire planting was overseen by a team led by Mr. John Williams. This team consisted of: T. Toop, W. Allen, J. Lindsay, S. Salmon, Mr Nidscheim, W. Oates, W. Doncaster, W. Rawlings, L. Dunstan, L. Farkins, E. Rose, C. Wasley, J. Billman, E. Catherall, E. Hartnell, W. Nicholls, H. Cox, V. Catherall, R. Greville, J. Lavars, H. Coutter, E. Ewins, T. Gibson, J. Allen, T. Wisby, F. Sebo, R. Lewis, W. Luplau, J. Knight, J. Knight jun., F. Prescott, G. Nicholls, J. McCarthy, M. A. Shaw, M. Davenport, C. Appleby, L. Charles, C. Quick, M. Charles, J. Charles, Messrs Rowlands and Co., John McLeod, Coad and Sons, and Tunbridge and Sons.[51][Notes 9]


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  1. Although famously known as the first of its kind in Australia, there are other Avenues of Honour that were established before the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.
  2. Although Andrew Mole's article states the number represented as 3800.[3]
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Further reading

'BALLARAT'S AVENUE OF HONOUR.' The Argus, Saturday 15 April 1922, page 5. Via Trove

'Comparative Overview of Avenues of Honour in Victoria.' Cascabel 95 & 96 (2008). See a digital copy of 96

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