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[[Thomas Caffrey]]
[[Nicholas Caire]]
[[Nicholas Caire]]

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Thomas Caffrey

Nicholas Caire

Cyril Callister

Reginald Callister

William Callister

Norman Cameron

Marino Campana

C.E. Campbell

Edward Ellis Campbell

Edwin J. Cannon

Andrew Cant (<1877>)

Edward Carling

Norman C. Carmichael

C. A. Carroll

Charles Carter

Robert Carter, Farrier and Blacksmith

Thomas Ellis Carter, Farrier and Blacksmith

Thomas Ellis Carter Jnr, Farrier and Blacksmith

Richard Cartwright

Henry R. Caselli, Architect

J. Cathcart

C. Causon

William H. Causon

H.B. Chalmers

Bill Chambers

George Chambers

R. Chisholm

Thomas Chuck

Robert Clark J.P, newspaperman

Robert Clark , unionist

Alfred Clarke

Frank Clarke

William R. F. Clarke

William P. Cleary

Allen T. Clegg

George Clegg

Leslie A. Cleverley

A.J. Chuck

T. Chuck

Thomas Foster Chuck

Stanley R. Close

Cedric A. Clutterbuck

Eric E. D’A. Clutterbuck [[ Wolfrey H. Clutterbuck]]

Thomas Cockerall

James Coglan

Kevin J. Coghlan

Arthur C. Collins

C. Stanley Coltman

Percy E. Coltman

Robert H. Commons

Thomas Connell

Hugh M. Conran

Arthur W. Cooke

W. Cooper - Ballarat Standard

Maurice Copland

Raymond F. Cormack

Harold G. Cornell

Osborne Cornell

Alice Cornwall

James Coulsell, taxidermist

Oswald H. Coulson

Leslie Coulter

Henry Webb Courtis

Cowlad - contractor for works, Town Hall

Hezekiah Crago

William Creber

Robert Critchley - Ballarat Mining Board

Gordon Crocker

William Croll

Charles Cunningham

David Curtain

A. E. Cutter

A. F. Cutter

L. S. Cutter

Lawrence E. Cutter

Robert Clark

J. N. Cleary

W. Clegg

Jack Cockburn

James Coghlan

W. F. Coltman

F. W. Commons

William Cooper

J. W. Corbett

Walter Cornell, chemist. (<1938>)

John Cotter

J. Coutts

J.E. Cowley

Herbert Cox

George Crocker(1853-1878>)

George Cummings

M. J. Cummins - Ballarat Gas Company

E. Curnow

James Curtis

Charles D. Cuthbert - Town Hall designer and Ballarat Hospital architect

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