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Ballarat Trained World War One Nurses Honour Board, Ballarat Base Hospital, 2017.



Blodwyn Williams was born in Ballarat. She trained as a nurse at the Ballarat Base Hospital. During World War, 33 year old Blodwyn enlisted as a nurse with the Australian Nursing Service on 24 June 1015. He next of kin was Tudor Williams of Dowling Street, Ballarat.[1]

She embarked on the Orsova on 17 July 1915 for service overseas. On 30 September 2018 she was promoted to Staff Nurse, becoming a sister on 01 October 1918.[2]

Sister Blodwyn Elizabeth Williams of the Australian Army Nursing Service died of pneumonia on 24th May 1920, aged 38. She is buried in the Ballaarat New Cemetery (Area Private B, Section 7, Grave 28).[3]

On 19 August 1919 Blodwyn Williams was operated on to removed an abdominal growth and was listed as seriously ill. She returned to Australia from England on the Osterley. [4]She died in Caulfield Repatriation Hospital in 1919.

25 May 1920
Base Records
Reporting that Sister Blodwyn Williams, A.A.N.S. died at No. 11 A.G.H. on the 24th May from Pleurisy. Nexy of kin was advised accordingly.
Arrangement are being made for the funeral and the burial will take place at Ballarat today. [5]

27 May 1920
Base Records

In continuation of mine of the 24th may reporting that Sister Blodwyn Williams died at No. 11 A.G.H. Advice has now been received to the effect that cause of death was -

(a) Carcinoma R. Lung.
(Debility Heart failure.[6]


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