Carriers' Arms (Skipton Street)

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For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Carriers' Arms.

The Carriers' Arms was a hotel in Ballarat, <1892>.



The hotel was listed for closure by the Ballarat West Licensing Court in March 1892. The Ballarat Star reported:

Carriers Arms’ hotel, corner of Skipton and South streets. Licensee, Robert Clark; owner, trustee in estate Mrs Hill, bracketed with the Miners’ Support hotel; corner of Skipton and Lyons streets (owner and licensee, Joseph Richards). Mr T. Robinson appeared for the Carriers’ Arms hotel, and Mr Pearson for the Miners’Support hotel. Mr Robinson urged that the former hotel was more needed than the other, and that it was better conducted. Mr W. D. Hill said there was no hotel between the Carriers’ Arms and Mount Pleasant. The hotel was in a thickly populated locality. Robert Clark, licensee, said beds were not often called for, but he supplied them when they were asked for. His trade was principally a bar one. Cr Bell said the hotel was largely used for meeting purposes, especially at elections.[1]


The hotel was on the corner of Skipton and South Streets Ballarat.[1]


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