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Origin of the name


Castlemaine was proclaimed a municipality in April 1855 but the first election did not take place until 1856. The first Councillors were: Thomas Andrew (Grocer and Chairman), Alex S Palmer (Ironmonger), Joesph Davis (Gunsmith), W.B. Collyns (Merchant), Thomas Hinds (Baker), Hugh McMillan (Ironmonger) and Walter Smith (Agent). [1]

Castlemaine has state wide and national significance, the alluvial workings were the richest at the time of discovery. Specimen Gully is the allegedly the site of the first surface gold in the colony. Castlemaine area has many relic, - alluvial flats, extensive mine remains and mullock dump, water wheel foundation sand water races, open cut mining and on freehold land , historic stone buildings and miners cottages. [2]


Geography and climate







Albion Foundry

Castlemaine Bacon Factory

Castlemaine Brewery

Castlemaine Butter Factory

Castlemaine Gas Works

Castlemaine Woollen Mill

Middleton's Foundry

Thompson Foundry


Castlemaine Art Museum

Castlemaine Botanical Gardens

Old Castlemaine Goal




'''Castlemaine (National) School 119'''

'''Castlemaine ( ChristChurch) School 131'''

'''Castlemaine (Wesleyan) 152'''

'''Castlemaine (Methodist) 159'''

'''Castlemaine (Catholic) 166'''

Castlemaine High School

Castlemaine North Primary School 2051

The Castlemaine North Primary School was built in 1878, it was typical of the 1872 Eeducation Act. [3]

Castlemaine Reformatory 4233

Castlemaine Technical College 7075



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Mining companies in Castlemaine

The Caledonia GMC - General Garfield Mining Co - Spring Gully Mine - United Ajax Co


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