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Researchers should be wary of historic street locations as the streets of Ballarat and surrounds have been renumbered over the years.



Dana Street is a street in Ballarat, Victoria. It was named after Henry Edward Pulteney Dana, the Commandant of Native Police.[1] Dana attempted to collect the first licence fees at Ballarat in 1851.[1] Dana Street has a steep section between Albert Street and Lydiard Street South with an average grade of 1 in 7.5.[1]

Businesses and people in Dana Street

Address known

15 Dana Street – Wendy Jacobs Architect (<2011>)

26 Dana Street - Berry, Anderson & Co.

41 Dana Street - Hugh Gray & Sons (<1866>)

43 Dana Street - Hugh Gray & Sons (<1866-1887>)

48-52 Dana Street - Eagle Foundry (<1906>)

206 Dana Street - Berry, Anderson & Co. (<2011-2012>)

208-210 Dana Street - R. Graham and Sons Boots and Shoes (<1938>)

402 to 404 Dana Street - site of Eagle Foundry (<2011>)

(cnr Doveton Street) - Rowlands and Lewis

(cnr Errard Street) - J. Walker, furniture manufacturer and upholsterer (<1873>)

(cnr Eyre Street - Pacific Hotel

(cnr Lyons Street) - Dubberlin and Hall

(cnr Lydiard Street) - Backhouse and Reynolds, architects (<1858>)

Dana Street South (cnr Armstrong Street) - Lucas Clothing Factory

Address unknown

Amalgamated Society of Engineers

Ballarat Electric Power Station

N. J. Bolton, builder (<1887>)

Alfred J. Boulton, builder (<1887>)

Carlton & United Breweries

Thomas Combes, printer (<1855>)

A. J. Corbett, machinist (<1887>)

Dubberlin and Hall (<1901>)

W. J. Everal, collar maker (<1887>)

William John Everal, saddler (<1887>)

Thomas Foodyce, gunsmith (<1866>)

J. Fordyce, gunsmith (1865-1866)

George Goddard, baker and pastrycook (<1887>)

Magill & Coghlan, brewers (<1887>)

James Hiam, builder (<1887>)

William Howett, blacksmith (<1866>)

Ernest Knoll, saddler (<1887>)

Michael Maher, blacksmith and farrier (<1887>)

Rowlands Soft Drink Factory, aerated water and cordial manufacturer (<1887>)

Scottish Hotel

John Taylor, baker and grocer (<1858>)

Township Coffee Roasting Company (<1887>)

P. Trelford, engineer (<1887>)

S. Walker, cabinet maker and upholsterer (<1887>)

Waterloo Gold Mine, near Lydiard Street South

John Watson, boot and shoemaker (<1887>)

John White, brass and Iron Founder, (<1890>)

Whitten & Cairns, boot and shoemakers (<1887>)

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