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Senior Members of the Ballarat School of Mines Staff. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 112)
Standing L-R:S.B. Vial (Chemistry); W. Doepel (Clerk); Alfred E.C. Kerr (Mechanical Engineering); Arthur Garrard (Battery Manager); Henry Hall (Drawing); W. Kerr Grant (Mathematics); Charles E. Campbell (Photography); John M. Sutherland (Electricity); H.R. Murphy (Assayer); Charles A. Dean (Cyanide Works).
Sitting L-R: Daniel Walker (Chemistry); Thomas S. Hart (Mineralogy & Curator); Fred. J. Martell (Registrar); Alfred Mica Smith, Senior Professor (Chemistry, Metallurgy, etc); J.S. Dawburn (Engineering & Surveying); Dr Joseph F. Usher (Materia Medica).
Seating (Front) L-R: P.A. Osborne (Assistant Assayer); Godfrey Hart (Museum).



Daniel Walker was born in London, and received his education at King’s College, where he was under Professor Bloxam for chemistry. Whilst there he gained several prizes for science subjects, and also the associateship of the college with honors. He next attended a course of lectures at the Royal School of Mines on metallurgy and chemistry, under Dr Percy and Dr Frankland respectively. The associateship of the City of London College with special honours, and medal for chemistry, was also obtained. Mr Walker then matriculated, and passed the intermediate B.Sc. at the London University. A few years were then spent as science master at a grammar school in Somersetshire. He then went to Manchester, and attended classes for physics under Balfour Stewart, and chemistry under Professors Roscoe and Schorlemmer; finally gaining an exhibition for organic chemistry. He was then appointed lecturer for the Science and Art Department in chemistry at the Mechanics’ Institute at Aston-under-Lyne, Cheedle, Duckenfield, and other places in and around Manchester. On account of bad health Mr Walker next came out to Australia, intending to proceed to Sydney, but being offered a good position as science master of Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, he decided to accept it. After four years as a teacher he again became a student, attending the Adelaide University, where he obtained his B.Sc. degree, making a specialty of Chemistry. After taking his degree, Mr Walker in 1888 was offered the position of demonstrator and lecturer in chemistry at the Ballarat School of Mines, which position he holds at this time.[1]

Daniel Walker lectured at the Ballarat School of Mines between 1888 and 1918.



Mr Daniel Walker, who for many years was lecturer in chemistry at this school, died on June 11th. Mr Walker was born in London and came to Adelaide in 1885, where he was a science master at Prince Alfred College. After a few years he came to this school in Ballarat from which he retired about a dozen years ago. He was aged 87 years and was active to the last. Our sympathy is with his wife and family. One son, Richard Walker, is now teaching at the Bendigo School of Mines, while his other son, William, is now with the Kraft Cheese Factory, Melbourne.[2]

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