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There was also an Exchange Hotel in Sebastopol.

The Exchange Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1859-1907>.



It is possible that this hotel was the same hotel as the Royal Exchange Hotel also in Bridge Street, Ballarat.


The hotel is described in an 1859 lithograph as being in part of Main Road and Victoria Streets. Later it is described as being in Bridge Street.[1]


In January 1907, the publican was charged with breaches of the new licensing laws:

NEW LICENSING ACT, BALLARAT PROSECUTIONS. BALLARAT. Wednesday. At the Ballarat East court on Wednesday, John Sayers, of the Exchange Hotel, Bridge-street, was charged under the new Licensing Act with serving liquor to three persons other than lodgers or bona fide travellers on Sunday, 6th January. A deal of evidence was taken, and the magistrate adjourned the case for an hour pending an inspection of the hotel. On resuming,, the bench said Sunday trading had been carried on, but as the police had elected to confine the charge to trafficking with two men only the case could be dismissed, as there was no evidence to show they had purchased liquor. Thomas Hooley, Frank Reiffle and Charles Williams were then charged with being found , on the licensed premises of Mr. Sayers, defendant in the previous case, for an unlawful purpose. Defendants stated they were in the Exchange Hotel for the purpose of partaking of dinner. Williams, when approached by the police, gave a wrong name, as he, was not aware, he said, that he was being questioned by constables. The charges against Hooley and Reiffle were dismissed, but Williams was fined £1, as the bench did not believe his defence.[2]

An ancient landmark of Ballarat East, the Exchange Hotel, Bridge street, surrendered its license today and becomes one of the has beens. The Ballarat Trustees Company as executors for the will of the late John Sayers, notified the Licenses Reduction Board of the surrender. which was accepted at a meeting of the Board held in Melbourne, this morning. The Exchange Hotel has a history dating back to the very early days of Ballarat. It was a flourishing house as far back as 1868, when it was owned by a Mr Ahrens.[3]

Community Involvement

The hotel was used for an electoral meeting in January 1866, where the candidates for Ballarat East spoke to a large crowd.[4]

The People


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