Federal Hotel (Lydiard Street)

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For other hotels with the same name, see Federal Hotel.

The Federal Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, 1892-1913. It was the third hotel on a site that has been used for hotels from 1860-2015>



The first hotel on the site was Jackson's Hotel, from 1860-1863. The name was changed to the Royal George Hotel from about 1863 until about 1892.[1] After the forced hotel closures in Ballarat in the 1890's, the Royal George was renamed the Federal Hotel.[1] In 1913 it was renamed as the Railway Hotel until the 1970's.[1] For a time it was known as the Regent Tavern. In 2013 it was opened as Jackson's & Co.



Jackson's Hotel was on the south west corner of Lydiard Street and Mair Street.[1] The site had been the location of Ballarat's original post office, first in a tent, and later in a wooden building, as recreated at Sovereign Hill.[1] The hotel was built in 1860 by John Jackson.


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The original Jackson's Hotel building, erected in 1860, is still in use. A copy of the 1890's verandah, demolished in 1964, was rebuilt in 2013.[1]

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