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For other hotels with the same, or similar names, see Globe Hotel

The Globe Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1887-2013>.




The hotel was in Redan,[1], at 914 Skipton Street.


The hotel was included on a list of hotels recommended for closure by the License Reduction Board in December 1892.[2]

When the hotel was offered for lease in 2013, it was described as follows:

The Globe Hotel is a contemporary building located on a busy main arterial road. When the hotel was modernised, consideration was given to the layout to ensure efficient ease of operation. There is a central service point to all trading areas facilitating staff efficiency and effort. The public bar has ample space with a TAB facility. The lounge and dining area is licenced for 100 patrons and the hotel currently serves quality meals. The kitchen is well designed and positioned. The hotel also has a large car park for up to 35 cars. The three bedroom managers quarters are self contained and include a private courtyard.[3]

Community Involvement

  • Mr Williams, a candidate for the south ward, addressed about thirty ratepayers on Monday evening, at the Globe hotel, Skipton street, Mr Foulkes in the chair. Mr Williams was well received, and stated that it never had been his desire for municipal honors, but having had such a large requisition presented to him, he felt bound to respond to it, and having so much time on hand—being out of business—he made up his mind to contest this election, and if returned he would devote the whole of his time to the duty of the council. In reply to questions the candidate stated he was in favor of using kerosene where gas was not available; also in favor of having water-pipes made in the locality instead of importing them. He also referred to his opponent stating one thing at one meeting and another at another. A vote of confidence was proposed by Mr Forester, seconded by Mr Curnick, and carried unanimously[4]

The People


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  • In May 1876 During the hearing of charges of allowing dancing to take place in his public-house, and keeping open after hours, preferred against Mr George Curnick the landlord of the Globe hotel, Sebastopol road, on Tuesday, the defendant stated that he had no less than fifty-seven grand-children, It was the marriage of one of his numerous descendants that was the cause of the dance and the late hours for which Mr Curnick was summoned as a law-breaker. The cases were dismissed.[11]
  • In October 1889 Death has removed a very old colonist, in the person of Mr. Thomas Graham Robinson, who expired somewhat suddenly from heart disease yesterday, at his residence, the Globe Hotel, Skipton street, where he has been engaged in business tor many years. Deceased was originally a seafaring man,but after his arrival in Victoria the gold fever seized him, and after meeting with fair success, he turned his attention to agriculture, and latterly purchased the business which he retained up to the time of his death. On the 8th June, 1852, when captain of the ship Prince of Wales, he brought his vessel up the Yarra without a pilot, being the first to do so, and received a presentation for his able control and seaman-ship Deceased evidently never lost the love of his old profession, his last request being that he should be carried to the grave by four old captains for whom a special mourning coach should be prepared, and that the Union Jack should be his pall He leaves a family of seven well provided for[12]

In January 1916, the licensee was fined for having people in the hotel outside opening hours:

LICENSING PROSECUTION FORGOT THE TIME. Emily Scott. licensee of the Globe Hotel, Redan was charged at the City Police Court yesterday with persons being found on the premises on 28th December at an hour when they should not be open for the sale of liquor to the public. Insp. Sampson prosecuted, and Mr J. B. Pearson defended. Mortimer Buckley, Frederick Gibson, Neil Gillespie, James Rice, and Robert Wilkie were charged with being on the premises. Const. O'Brien stated that at 11.59 pm the 28th December he saw five men and the licensee's husband leaving the hotel by the side door. The men when questioned said they did not know it was so late. On the bar counter was a tray containing six glasses and under the counter was a beer glass full of beer, which appeared to have been recently drawn. Mr. Pearson sold there wan no doubt an offence had been committed, but when people were playing a friendly game of cards time would slip away. Insp. Sampson said the place was well conducted. The licensee was fined £3 and the other defendants £2 each. The P.M. said that it was a pity licensees did not carry out, their obligations more strictly.[7]

In February 1921 the licensee was fined for trading out of hours:

In the city court on Tuesday John Ernest Jermyn, licensee of the Globe Hotel, Redan, was fined £5 on a charge of having had lis bar door open during prohibited hours. Defendant was in the act of handing a bottle of ginger ale to a man when the police entered the hotel[9]
  • In January 1922 at the Sebastopol court on Friday Ernest Jermyn, licensee of the Globe Hotel, was charged with having had for sale whisky and rum below the required standard. He was fined 20/ in each case, with £3 16/ costs.[13]
  • In 2010 the hotel was the target of several robberies after thieves targeted a storage area.[10]


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