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See also: [[Happy Valley]]
See also: [[Happy Valley]]
[[British Gold Mining Co.]] - [[Happy Family Quartz Mining Co.]] - [[Robin Hood Gold Mining Co.]]
[[British Gold Mining Co.]] - [[Happy Family Quartz Mining Co.]] - [[Investigator Freehold Gold Mining Co.]] - [[Robin Hood Gold Mining Co.]]
== Hepburn / Hepburn Springs ==
== Hepburn / Hepburn Springs ==

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Gold mining companies are the businesses. For the shafts, pits, cutaways and other types of places see: Gold mines.

This is the A to Z listing for all of Ballarat and district.



The Mines

A - Albion Co. - All Nations Co. - Allied Army Co. - Alston and Weardale Co. - Amphitheatre Gold Mining Co. - Arabi Pasha Co. - Ararat Grand Junction Deep Lead Co. - Archdale Alluvial Gold Mining Co. - Arthur's Creek Gold Mining Co. - Arthurs Creek North Gold Mining Co. - Arthur's Creek South Gold Mining Co. - Australasian Co. - Avoca Co. - Avoca Developments - Avoca Freehold and Leasehold Estate Co. - Avoca Gold Dredging Co. - Avoca Pty Dredging Syndicate - Avoca Pty NL - Avoca Quartz Mining Co. - Avoca Railway Gold Dredging Co. - Avoca River Alluvials - Avoca Wolfram Co.

B - Ballaarat Freehold Co. - Ballaarat Quartz Mining Co. - Ballarat Extension Co. - Ballarat Gold Quartz Mine Ltd - Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company - Ballarat South Gold Dredging Co. - Band & Loch United - Band and Barton Co. - Band of Hope and Albion Consols Co. - Band of Hope Co. - Band of Hope Gold Mining Co. - Band of Hope Quartz Co. - Bank Quartz Co. - Bays Band - Berry Consols - Berry Extended - Berry No. 1 Gold Mining Co. - Black Diamond Co. - Black Hill Co. - Black Hill Flat Company - Black Hill Flat Gold Mining Company - Black Hill Quartz Mining Co. - Black Range Mining Co. - Bon Aventure Gold Mining Syndicate - Bonshaw Estate Gold Mining Co. - Bonshaw Freehold Co. - Bora Gold - Bradshaw Gold Mines Syndicate - Britannia Gold Mining Co. - Britannia United Co. - British Co. - British Empire Co. - British Workman Co. - Buninyong Co. - Buninyong Estate Quartz & Alluvial Co. - Buninyong Gold Mining Co. - Buninyong Gold Mining Company - Buninyong New Gold Mining Co. - Buninyong Race-course Co. - Buninyong United Co. - Bung Bong Quartz Mining Co. - Burra Burra Co.

C - Caledonia Co. - Canadian Quartz Mining Co. - Canadian South Quartz Mining Co. - Cathcart Central G.M.C. - Cathkin Braes Co. - Central Plateau Co. - Central Sebastopol Co. - Central Sulieman Co. - Central Victorian Dredging Co. - Chalk’s Freehold Gold Mining Co. - Charlie Napier Co. - Chenhall and Co. - Chinese Co. - Chisholm and party - Chryseus Co. - City Bank Gold Mining Co. - City of Ballarat Mining Co. - City of Manchester Co. - Clarke and Co. - Cliffs of Old Tynemouth Co. - Clifton Co. - Clydeside Company - Combined Co. - Comstock Co. - Corkscrew Co. - Cornish United Co. - Cornish United Quartz Mining Co. - Cosmopolitan Co. - Countess Mining Co. - Cricket Reserve Gold Mining Co. - Crimean Gold Mining Co. - Criterion Gold Mining Co. - Croecus Co. - Crown Co.

D - Danish Co. - Dauntless Co. - Defiance Co. - Defiance Co-operative Gold Mining Co. - Defiance Extended Gold Mining Co. - Defiance Gold Mining Co. - Defiance No. 1 Co. - Desezas Freehold Gold Mining Co. - Desoza Co. - Don Co. - Donnybrook Co. - Donovan & Party - Dowling and Midas Junction Gold Mining Co. - Dowling Forest No. 1 Gold Mining Co. - Duke of Cornwall Co. - Duke of Northumberland Gold Mining Co. - Dunstan Co. - Durham Co. - Durham Gold Mining Co.

E - East India Quartz Mining Co. - Eastern Plateau Proprietary Company NL - Eclipse Cement and Quartz Co. - Eclipse Co. - Emperor Co. - Endeavour Gold Mining Co. - Energetic Quartz Mining Co. - Enfield Co. - Enterprise Gold Mining Co. - Essex Co. - Eureka Quartz Mining Co. - Excel Co. - Express Quartz

F - Felix Mining Co. - Finney and Co. - Forest Hut Dredging Co. - Fortuna Co. - Franklin Co. - Fraser & Barter Co-operative Co.

G - Garden Gully Quartz Mining Co. - Garibaldi Co. - Garibaldi Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - Garibaldi Gold Mining Co. - Gladiator Co. - Glasgow Company - Glenlofty (Avoca) Alluvial - Glenmona Gold Mining Co. - Golden Fleece Co. - Golden Fleece - Golden Gate Co. - Golden Indicator - Golden Point Quartz Mining Co. - Golden Reef Gold Mining Co. - Golden Shaft Co. - Golden Stream Co. - Gordon Pasha Co. - Grand Junction Co. - Grand Trunk Co. - Great Caledonian Quartz and Alluvial Mining Co. - Great Central Co. - Great Eastern Co. - Great Extended Co. - Great Gulf Co. - Great Gulf Plateau Co. - Great Langi Logan GMC - Great North West Co. - Great Northern Co. - Great Northern Junction Co. - Great North-West Co. - Great Redan Extended Co. - Great Republic Co. - Great Western Co. - Guiding Star Co.

H - Hand and Band Co. - Hand-in-Hand Co. - Hero Quartz Mining Co. - Hiscocks Co. - Holst and Co. - Homeward Bound Co. - Horn of Plenty Co. - Houses Extended Co.

I - Imperial Quartz Mining Co. - Independent Co. - Indicator and Sulieman Co. - Inkermann and Durham Junction Gold Mining Co. - Inkermann Mining Co. - Innes Freehold Co.

J - Jenny Lind Co. - Jewellers Shops Co. - John Bull Alluvial & Quartz Mining Co. - John Bull Co. - Judication Co. - Junction Gully Quartz Mining Co.

K - Kara Kara and Melbourne Slate Co. - Kenworthy and Co. - King Midas Gold Mining Co. - Kingtons Freehold Estate Mining Co. - Kneeshaw Co. - Koh-i-Noor Co. - Koh-i-Noor Gold Mining Co.

L - Lady of the Lake Co. - Lamplough Gold Dredging Co. - Last Chance Co. - Last Chance Extended Gold Mining Co. - Last Chance Quartz Mining Co. - Last Chance Tribute Gold Mining Co. - Leigh and Consols Co. - Leviathan Co. - Leviathan Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - Leviathan Gold Mining Co. - Lightning Gold Mining Co. - Little Wonder Alluvial Co. - Little Wonder Gold Mining Co. - Llanberris Quartz Mining Co. - Luplau and Co. - Luplau Pasha Co.

M - Madame Bent Gold Mining Co. - Madame Berry - Madame Kong Meng Co. - Madame Robb Co. - Majestic Co. - Major Gold Mining Co. - Melbourne and Avoca Gold Mining Co. - Melbourne Co. - Metropolitan GMC - Midas Revival Gold Mining Co. - Middle Creek Alluvials - Midland Options - Mill Co. - Monte Christo - Monte Christo Co. - Monte Cristo Quartz Gold Mining and Crushing Co. - Monte Christo Quartz Mining Co. - Morey Quartz Co. - Morning Star Co. - Morning Star Gold Mining Co. - Morning Star Quartz Mining Co. - Mount Clear Co. - Mountain Hut Alluvials

N - Napier Extended Gold Mine - Napier Freehold Gold Mining Co. - Napoleon Quartz Mining Co. - National Co. - Nelson and Wellington Co. - Nelson Co. - New Amphitheatre Co. - New Ballaarat Freehold Co. - New Band of Hope & Albion's Consols Gold Mining Co. - New Band of Hope Co. - New British Empire Co. - New Burra Burra Quartz and Alluvial Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - New Desoza Co. - New Don Co. - New Great Britain Co. - New Great Britain Gold Mining Co. - New Kohinoor Gold Mining Co. - New Madame Berry - New Middle Creek Alluvials - - New Monte Christo Co. - New Monte Christo Mining Co. - New Normanby Co. - New North Queen Mining Co. - New Perseverance Co. - New Perseverance Quartz Mining Co. - New Pyrenees Alluvials - New Southern Star Quartz Mining Co. - Newington Estate Co. - Newington Freehold Co. - No 1 Creek Gold Dredging Co. - No Surrender Gold Mining Co. - North Band & Barton Tribute Co. - North Park Mining Co. - North Plateau Co. - North Temperance Co. - North Woah Hawp Co. - Northern Black Hill Co. - Northern Junction Co. - Northern Star Co. - Norwegian Co. - Norwegian Quartz Co. - Norwegian Reef Co.

O - Old Caledonia Co. - One and All Co. - Ophir Co. - Oriental Co. - Osman Pasha Co. - Owen's Freehold Co.

P - P. I. Co. - Pactolus Co. - Pactolus GMC Avoca - Parade Quartz Mining Co. - Park Co. - Pasha Surprise Co. - Pennyweight Co. - Perseverance Co. - Perseverance Gold Mining Co. - Phoenix Company - Pioneer Co. - Pioneer Deep Sinking Mining Co. - Port Phillip Company - Port Phillip Gold Mining Co. - Port Phillip Quartz Mining Co. - Post Office Co. - Post Office Hill Co. - Pride of the East Tribute Co. - Prince Albert Quartz Mining Co. - Prince Imperial Co. - Prince of Wales and Bonshaw United Co. - Prince of Wales Co. - Prince of Wales Quartz Mining Co. - Prince Regent Quartz Mining Co. - Prince Regents Co. - Princess Royal Co. - Pyrenees Alluvials - Pyrenees Gold Dredging Co.

Q - Queen of Sheba Co. - Queen Victoria QMC - Queens Jubilee Co.

R - Red Hill Mining Co. - Red Jacket Co. - Red Streak Co. - Red, White and Blue Company - Redan Extended Co. - Rising Star Co. - Rob Roy Co. - Roberts & Party - Rose Hill Co. - Rose of Denmark - Rosser's Freehold Co. - Rothschild Co. - Rough and Ready Co. = Royal Mint Quartz Mining Co. - Royal Saxon Co. - Rubicon Quartz Mining Co.

S - Saints Co. - Sandhurst Eureka Gold Mining Co. - Scandinavian Co. - Scottish and Cornish Gold Mining Co. - Sebastopol Plateau Co. - Sebastopol Star Co. - Sergeant's Freehold Quartz Mining Co. - Serjeants Freehold Co. - Silurial Co. - Sir Henry Lock Quartz Mining Co. - Sir William Don Co. - Sisters' Co. - Sisters Quartz Co. - Smith & Wilson's United Tribute Co. - Smith and Co. - Smith and party - Smith’s Freehold Co. - Sons of Freedom Co. - Sons of Justice Co. - South Canadian Co. - South Golden Bar Gold Mining Co. - South Grenville Co. - South Imperial Gold Mining Co. - South Junction Co. - South Kong Meng Gold Mining Co. - South Monte Christo Co. - South Morning Star Co. - South Plateau Co. - South Star Co. - South Temperance Co. - South Temperance - Southern Cross Co. - Southern Freehold Co. - Southern Star Co. - Sovereign Co. - Sovereign Mining Co. - Spectator Co. - Speedwell Co. - Speedwell Gold Mining Co. - Speedwell Quartz Mining Co. - St Andrew Co. - St Andrew's Co. - St George Co. - St Patrick Co. - Stanberry’s Extended Tribute Co. - Standard of England Company - Star and Band Co. - Star of the East Co. - Suleiman Pasha Mining Co. - Sulieman Consols Co. - Sulieman Pasha Extended Co.

T - Tannery Gold Mining Co. - Telegraph Co. - Temperance Extended Quartz Mining Co. - Temperance Quartz Co. - Tower Hill Co. - Try Again Co., Buninyong - Try Co.

U - Union Jack Mining Co. - Union Quartz Mining and Crushing Co. - United Albion and Prince of Wales Co. - United Black Hill Co. - United Co. - United Extended Band of Hope Co. - United Hand In Hand and Band of Hope Co. - United Nations Gold Mining Co. - United North Park Gold Mining Co. - United Sir William Don Co. - United Suburban Co. - United Working Miners Co. - Unity Company

V - Vales Reef Gold Mining Co. - Victoria Co., Buninyong - Victoria United Co. - Victoria United Gold Mine - Victorian Mint Quartz Mining Co.

W - Warrenmang South Gold Mining Co. - Waterloo Reefing Co. - Webb Bros - Webbville Co. - Welcome Nugget Quartz Mining Co. - Wellingtonia Gigantea Quartz Mining Co. - Welsh Co. - West Berry Consols - West Llanberris Co. - West Loughlin Gold Mining Co. - Western Freehold Co. - White and Co. - White Flat Drainage and Mining Co. - William Tell Quartz Mining Co. - William's Freehold Mining Co. - Wilson’s Freehold Co. - Windsor Co. - Winters Freehold Mining Co. - Woah Hawp Canton Co. - Woah Hawp Canton Mine - Woah Hawp No. 1 Gold Mining Co. - Working Miners Co.

X -

Y - Yarrowee Dredging Company - Yong Hing Co. - Young Sulieman Co.

Z - Zulu Gold Mining Co.

To be alphabetised

Ballarat South Goldfields NL

Alabama Co. - Ballarat Co. - Black Tulip Co. - Britannia Quartz Co. - British Colombia Co. - British Queen Co. - Grand Welcome Co. - Happy-go-Lucky Co. - Magnum Bonum Co. - Nil Desperandum Co. - Prince of Wales Co., Carngham - Rising Sun Co. - Royal Oak Co. - Sherwood Co. - Southern Light Co. - Thistle Gold Mining Co. - Try Again Co., Carngham - Wait and Hope Co.

Adventure Quartz Co.

Britannia Co.

Avoca Deep Lead Gold Mining Co. - Central Clunes Quartz Mining Co. - Clunes Alluvial Co. - Clunes Alliance Co. - Clunes Amalgamating Co. - Clunes Quartz Mining Co. - Criterion Co. - Lothair Co. - New North Clunes Co. - North Clunes Quartz Mining Association - Phoenix Co. - Port Phillip Co. - Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Co. - Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Company - Port Phillip Quartz Mining Co. - South Clunes Co. - Victoria Co., Clunes - Victoria Quartz Mining Co. - Yankee Co. - Young Sons of Freedom Co.

Clunes United Co.

Clunes Co.

Australasia Gold Mine - Black Lead Co. - Creswick Hydraulic Sluicing Company - Lady Berry Co. - Lucknow Co. - Madame Berry Gold Mining Co. - Midas Consols Gold Mining Co. - Phoenix Co., Creswick - Seymour Gold Mining Co. - Spring Mount Quartz Mining Co.

Allendale Quartz Gold Mining Co. - Excelsior Tailings Gold Mining Co. - Hiscox Tribute Quartz Mining Co. - Madam Berry Gold Mining Co. - Madame Dibdin Gold Mining Co. - New Ristori Mining Co. - No 2 Bath's Arcadian Tribute Co. - Ryan's Independent Quartz Gold Mining Co. - Ryan's Junction Quartz and Alluvial Gold Mining Co. - South Madame Berry Gold Mining Co. - Spring Hill Gold Mining Co.

Severs and Party - Stonehenge Quartz Mining Co.

Creswick Working Miners Gold Mining Co.

Homeward Bound Co., Diamond Gully - Passontown and party

Prince of Wales Co.

Llanberris Co.

Enterprise Co. - Hard Hill Co.

Victoria Co., Long Point

Homeward Bound Co., Portuguese Flat - St George Quartz Reef Co., Portuguese Flat

Imperial Company (Red Streak) - New Enterprise Co. - Original Red Streak Co. - Red Streak Co.

Flynn’s party

El Dorado Gold Mining Co.

King Midas Co. - Midas Gold Mining Co. - Midas No. 1 Co.

Bendigo Co. - Enterprise Co. - White Flat Drainage and Mining Co. - Red Streak Co.

Ajax Co. - Argus - Cornish Quartz Co. - Concordia - Daylesford Gold Mines - Eureka Quartz Co. - Exchequer Co. - Garibaldi Mining Co. - Haphazard Co. - Long Tunnel Mine - Maxwell Consolidated - No 1 North Cornish Quartz Mining Co. - North Cornish Co. - North Maxwell Co. - North Nuggetty Ajax Co. - Ophir Co. - Specimen Hill Co. - Township Co. - Victorian Star GMC - Wombat Flat Diggings - Wombat Hill Co. - Wonderful Reef Co.

Ajax Co. - Ajax North Co.

Ballarat Extension Co., Dead Horse Claim - Boring Co. - Carmichael and Party - Port Phillip Quartz Mining Co. - Sparke and Party - Suburban Co.

All Nations Alluvial Gold Mining Co. - Corinella Co.

Welcome Stranger Dredging Company

Golconda Co.

Alliance Co. - Kangaroo Co.

Green Leek Flat

See also: Green Leek Flat

Reward Co.


See also: Haddon

City of Canterbury Gold Mining Co. - Racecourse Gold Mining Co. Regd - Reform Company

Happy Valley

See also: Happy Valley

British Gold Mining Co. - Happy Family Quartz Mining Co. - Investigator Freehold Gold Mining Co. - Robin Hood Gold Mining Co.

Hepburn / Hepburn Springs

See also: Hepburn - Hepburn Springs

Lady Darling Quartz Mining Company

Italian Gully

See also: Italian Gully

Argo Co. - Birthday New Find Gold Mining Co. - Emeu Co. - Formosa Co. - Kossuth Co. - Monte Christo Co. - Prince of Wales - Star of the North Co. - Waterloo Co.

Jerusalem Lead

See also: Jerusalem Lead

Waterloo Co.

Jeweller's Shops

See also: Jeweller's Shops


See also: Kyneton

Vulcan Quartz Crushing Co.

Coliban River

Vulcan Quartz Crushing Co.


See also: Linton

Linton Gold and Mineral Co.

Lucky Woman’s

See also: Lucky Woman's

British Co. - North American Co. - Robin Hood Co.


See also: Magpie

All Nations Quartz Mining Co. - Better Late Than Never Co. - Imperial No. 1 Co. - South Imperial Co.


See also: Maldon


See also: Maryborough

Duke Company


Eastern Gold Mining Co. - New Magnum Bonum Gold Mining Co. - Alma Extended Gold Mining Co. - Count Bismarck Tribute Co. - Seaham Gladstone Gold Mining Co. - Reliance Gold Mining Co. - New Seaham Gold Mining Co. - Seaham Co. - Seaham Consols Co. - Seaham Gold Mining Co.

Hiscock’s Reef

Imperial Co. - Imperial Quartz Mining Co. - New Imperial Gold Mining Co. - One and All Co. - Standard Quartz Mining Co.

Gold Mining Co.]]

Mount Egerton

Black Horse Mining Company - Black Horse United Co. - Egerton and Gordons Mining Co. - Egerton Cyanide Works - New Black Horse Mining Company - Wellesley QGMC

Mount Mercer

Squire's Mount Mercer Company

Mount Misery

See also: Mount Misery

Midland Counties Quartz Mining Co.

Mount Rowan

See also: Mount Rowan

Mount Rowan Gold Mining Co.

Oakley's Diggings

Oldham Lead

See also: Oldham Lead

Try Again Gold Mining Co.


See also: Pitfield

Glenfine North GMC - Pitfield Cyanide Works - Pitfield Plateau Co.

Regent Gully

See also: Regent Gully

River Loddon

See also: River Loddon

Golden Point Mining Co.


See also: Rokewood

Break o'Day



Dereel Gold Mining Co.


Rokewood Junction

Sailor's Gully

See also: Sailor's Gully


See also: Scarsdale

Caledonian Co. - Hopewell Quartz Mining Co. - Plantagenet Gold Mining Co. - Reef Gold Mining Co. - Scarsdale Extended Co. - Scarsdale Gold Mining Company - Zuyder Zee Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)

Monkey Gully

Magna Carta Gold Mining Co.


See also: Sebastopol

Albion Consols Co. - Alston and Weardale Co. - Band of Hope & Albion Consols Gold Mining Co. - Bonshaw Co. - Cumberland, Durham and Cornish Co. - Defiance Co. - Emperor Co. - Great Gulf Co. - Leviathon GMC - Nelson Co. - Phoenix Co. - Prince Imperial Co. - Prince of Wales Co., Sebastopol - Prince Imperial Co. - Red Jacket Co. - Round Tower Co. - Sebastopol Central Mining Co. - Sebastopol Star Co. - South Plateau Mining Co. - St George Co. - St George & Band of Hope United Co. - St George United Co. - United Albion and Prince of Wales Co. - United Jacket GMC

Cobbler’s Lead

Prince of Wales Co.

Frenchman's Lead

Golden Point Lead

Long Gully Lead

Lord Raglan Lead

Sebastopol Plateau

Band and Barton Co. - Buninyong Estate Co. - North Plateau Co. - Northern Star Co. - Prince of Wales and Bonshaw Co. - Sebastopol Plateau Co.

Terrible Lead

White Horse Lead

Woolshed Lead

Camp Co. - Prince of Wales Co. - Princess of Wales Co.


See also: Smeaton

Beaconsfield Co. - Hepburn Consuls - Lord Harry Co. - Smeaton Reserve Co.

Berry Leads

Madame Berry - No.1 Berry Consols


See also: Smythesdale

Baron Clyde Co. - Cleft of the Rock Co. - Cossey Co - Defiance Co. - El Dorado Gold Mining Co. Smythesdale - Gauntlet Gold Mining Co. - Success Quartz Mining Co. - Surprise Gold Mining Co. - United Red Jacket Co.

Black Hill

Washington Co.

Derwent Jack’s Lead

Cawley and Party - Confluence Co. - Woolpack Co.

Grand Trunk Lead

Exchequer Co.

Hanoverian Lead

Robin Hood Co.


The Devil's Kitchen

Try Again Co.

Sovereign Hill

See also: Sovereign Hill

Specimen Gully

See also: Specimen Gully

Royal Star Co.


See also: Springdallah

Early Dawn Extended Gold Mining Co. - Golden Belt Company - Golden Horn Company - Golden Lake Company - Grand Junction Co. - Grand Trunk Gold Mining Co. - Grand Trunk Lead Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - Main Lead Consols Company - Mount Erip Quartz Company - North Grenville Gold Mining Company - Port Arthur Company

Staffordshire Reef

See also: Staffordshire Reef

Homeward Bound Co., Staffordshire Reef


Sloanes and Scotchmans United Quartz Mining Co. - Stawell Mining Company


See also: Stieglitz

Ballarat Co., Stieglitz - Steiglitz Quartz Crushing Company

Sulky Gully

See also: Sulky Gully

Reliance Co.



Amherst Flat Hydraulic Sluicing Co. - Amherst Tailings and Gold Mining Co. - Amherst United Gold Mining Co. - Croydon - Pearl Gold Mining Co. - Florence Quartz Mining Co. - Glenespie Golden Area Co. - Golden Slates Syndicate - Kangaroo Gully Hydraulic Sluicing Co. - May Day Gold Mining Co. - New Briseis Quartz Mining Co. - New Wellington Quartz Mining Co. - North Union Quartz Mining Co. - Taras Hall Extended Gold Mining Co. - Union Quartz Mining Co. - Venice Gold Mining Co.

Talbot Flat

Treasury Gold Mining Co.

Tea Tree

See also: Tea Tree

Golden Rivers Co.


See also: Timor


See also Barry's Reef

Countess Gold Mining Co. - Triumph Company

Warren’s Lead

See also: Warren's Lead

Victoria Junction Co.

Welshman's Reef

See also: Welshman's Reef


See also: Yandoit

Belgium Gold Mining Co. - Corinella Leasehold - Goldsmith’s Quartz Mining Co. - Grand Junction Co. - Great Reef Co. - Great Reef Quartz Co. - New Great Reef Co. - Sardines Reef Quartz Mining Company - Rothschild's Co. - Steele's Pioneer - Yandoit Grand Junction Gold Mining Co.

To Be Located

Alluvial Co. - Atlas Co. - Ballarat Goldfields Ltd - Ballarat Quartz Co. - Band and Albion Consols Co. - Black and Party - Black Hill Co. - Black Hill Co-operative Quartz Mining Co. - Black Hill Gold Mining Co. - Black Hill Quartz Co. - Black Lead Co. - Blue Jacket Gold Mining Co. - Boring Co. - Buninyong Estate Gold Mining Co. - Britannia United Co. - British Standard Gold Mining Co. - Brown Hill Steam Sluicing Co. - Bute Co. - Canadian Co. - Canadian Quartz Crushing Co. - Carroll Co. - City of Manchester Co. - Copenhagen Co. - Corinella Co. - Cornish Quartz Co. - Cosmopolitan Co. - Danish Gold Mining Co. - Derby Quartz Mining Co. - Don Co. - Duchess Co. - Egerton Mining Company - Dowling Forest Estate Co. - Endeavour Co. - Essex Gold Mining Co. - Eureka Cement Co. - Eureka Quartz Co. - Extended Co. - Franklin Co. - Freehold Co. - Gay's Freehold Co. - Globe Co. - Golden Point Quartz Co. - Great Gulf Co. - Great North-West Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - Great Republic Co. - Haddon Great Extended Gold Mining Co. - Haphazard Co. - Havelock Co. - Hong Kong Co. - Hopewell Co. - Hopewell Quartz Mining Co. - Indicator Co. - Koh-i-Noor Gold Mining Co. - Last Chance Co. - Leviathan Syndicate Co. - Lewer's Freehold Co. - Llanberris Number One Co. NL - Llanberris Quartz Mining Co. - Lodden Valley Gold Mining Co. - Long Gully United Gold Mining Co. - Major Mining Co. - Melbourne Quartz & Alluvial Mining Co. - Midas Co. - Miller & Co. - Morning Light Quartz Mining Co. - National Co. - National Quartz Mining Co. - Nelson and Wellington Co. - Nelson Mine - Nerrina Quartz Mining Co. - New Australasian II - New Red Jacket Co. - New Speedwell Quartz Co. - North Cornish Co. - North Maxwell Co. - North Nuggetty Ajax Co. - North Woah Hawp Co. - Northern Star Co. - Old Canadian Co. - Old Canadian Quartz Co. - Old Gravel Pits Co. - Old Post Office Hill Co. - Onyx Co. - Oriental Gold Mining Co. (Ltd) - Owen's and Band of Hope Freehold and Leasehold Co. - Parade Co. - Pasha Co. - Perthshire Co. - Prince Regent Co. - Princess Royal Gold Mining Co. - Queen's Jubilee Co. - Red Streak Puddling Co. - Republic Co. - Rifle Co. - Rothschild Co. - Royal Saxon Standard Quartz Mining Co. - Scottish and Cornish Co. - Sebastopol Co. - Seven Hills Estate Co. - Sir Henry Loch Co. - Sir Henry Lock Co. - Sir W. Don Co. - Sons of Freedom Co. - South Canadian Quartz Co. - South Star Co. - South Star Extended Co. - South Plateau Co. - South Sulieman Co. - Southern Cross Co. - Specimen Hill Co. - Spread Eagle Quartz Mining Co. - Staffordshire Reef Co. - Star Co. - St George Quartz Reef Co. - St George’s Co. - Suburban Co. - Sulieman Co. - Sulieman Pasha Co. - Surprise Co. - Township Co. - Township Reef Quartz Co. - Union Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd) - United Albian Co. - United Black Hill Co. - United Extended Band of Hope Co. - Victoria Co. - Victoria Consolidated Co. - Victoria Quartz Mining Co. - Victorian Star Gold Mining Co. - Welcome Nugget Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd) - Wellingtonia Gigantea Co. - Wellingtonia Gigantea Quartz Co. - Wellingtonia Gigantea Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd) - Wheatsheaf Co. - Winter's Freehold Co. - Wonderful Reef Co. - Working Miners Co. - Working Miners' United Gold Mining Co. - Yorkshire Reef Prospecting Co. - Young Sons of Freedom Co.

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Gold Ore Mining

Gold gullies - Gold gutters - Gold mines - Gold mining co-operatives - Gold mining parties - Gold mining syndicates



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